The Trumpeter is a non-profit organization which reveals the amazing facts of the end-time events as being foretold in the Word. It is an eye-opener for all. It is impacting, educating and a blessing. It covers some global daily happenings. It is also a channel of hope in a changing world.

project manager

The Servant Of God

Nelson Emeonu

Nelson Emeonu is a gifted servant of God, full of Divine potentials by the grace of God and always desire to affect his generation positively with the gospel of the kingdom. He stays with his lovely family-His wife,Nneka , disciplined children, Prince and Precious. He is an intercessor and a brain behind “Dominion Prayer Network”, a non-profit group, raising an end-time army for the Lord through intercession and restoring the Kingdom for the Lord

By the special grace of God, He proclaims the Word of God courageously. He is into “End-Time” teachings. His radio program ‘The Trumpeter’ and the Youth Ministry-“Every Youth” have done a great work in the lives of many people. He is an instrument of God for Churches,fellowship,seminars and conferences both within and outside the country. Every arm of THE TRUMPETER as stated above is the offshoot of his ministry .