The Trumpeter is a non-profit organization which reveals the amazing facts of the end-time events as being foretold in the Word. It is an eye-opener for all. It is impacting, educating and a blessing. It covers some global daily happenings. It is also a channel of hope in a changing world.

Vision | Mission

The Trumpeter is aimed at touching and transforming lives through undiluted messages of God. It is a channel which reveals the amazing facts of the end time and global events of the last days as being foretold in the word of God. It brings an alertness to the final hour in which humanity lives on the earth and also to prepare the saints for the coming of the Lord. It is also a medium to warn the unbelieving world about the fast approaching judgement of God and to turn their hearts to the living God.

Dominion Prayer Network

This is a non-profit organization created to share the burdens and needs of people all over the world through aggressive intercession. It is a medium opened for all who desires to touch the world through prayer and to change the lives and destiny of men for the best. It’s a forum meant for all denominations and people who strongly believe in the fundamentals of Christian truths and integrity. You can join the group today to save lives at all cost and remain blessed ever!

Fresh Wine Devotional

This is a Christian devotional which transmits God’s truth on daily basis. It refreshes your days, trigger faith and give direction by the power of the Holy Ghost for life and destiny. As you read, meditate and apply the messages to your life, you shall discover God’s word in the deep and be blessed!

Word Alive

This is a channel designed for powerful insight and revelation of the Word and inspirational nuggets that would trigger faith in a changing world. It is designed for your daily blessings!

The Freshword

The Freshword is designed for your supernatural connections and fresh blessings, creating rooms for fellowship, impacting, togetherness, and interaction about God’s wonders in the Deep. The continual knowledge and wisdom to get from here are of great immense to spiritual growth and fulfillment in life and destiny. Be happy with your freshword!

Every Youth

This channel is a compilation of articles of great importance for physical and spiritual development of every youth. Some interesting facts are revealed in this column which also helps a youth to live a purposeful and fulfilled life in this changing world. Some of the write-ups should be read in full as you get the book “EVERY YOUTH”


The Vessel

Nelson Emeonu

Nelson Emeonu is a gifted servant of God, full of Divine potentials by the grace of God and always desire to affect his generation positively with the gospel of the kingdom. He stays with his lovely family-His wife,Nneka , disciplined children, Prince and Precious. He is an intercessor and a brain behind “Dominion Prayer Network”, a non-profit group, raising an end-time army for the Lord through intercession and restoring the Kingdom for the Lord

By the special grace of God, He proclaims the Word of God courageously. He is into “End-Time” teachings. His radio program ‘The Trumpeter’ and the Youth Ministry-“Every Youth” have done a great work in the lives of many people. He is an instrument of God for Churches,fellowship,seminars and conferences both within and outside the country. Every arm of THE TRUMPETER as stated above is the offshoot of his ministry .