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1  China warns the US and the Philippines to not interfere with their affairs regarding Taiwan  |
2  New Covid variant ‘Arcturus’ emerges in India prompting compulsory mask mandates  |
3  Canadian pastor forced to spend Easter weekend in jail after protesting drag queen events  |
4  Donald Trump has been indicted by Manhattan grand jury  |
5  More pestilences erupt: Marburg, H3N8, H5N1, and a “Mystery Disease” in Burundi  |
6  Former Google engineer with 86% accuracy on predictions claims humans will achieve immortality in eight years  |
7  FALLING AWAY: Church of England teaching four-year-olds cross dressing and same-sex attraction  |
8  DEVELOPING: At least 6 dead in Jehovah’s Witness shooting in Germany  |
9  Biden calls gay marriage ‘inevitable’ and that “soon it’ll be law”  |
10  UK is about to introduce a ‘Digital Pound’ Central Bank Digital Currency  |
11  (WATCH) World’s first Artificial Womb facility that can incubate up to 30,000 Lab-Grown babies a year  |
12  As Church attendance continues to decline, churches change to stay relevant for a new wave of worshippers  |
13  DAYS OF LOT: Same-sex households in the U.S. has just surpassed One MILLION for the first time  |
14  DAYS OF LOT: Same-sex households in the U.S. has just surpassed One MILLION for the first time  |
15  Christians are now the minority in England; as non-religious continues to grow  |
16  China vows to accelerate Covid vaccinations, while cracking down on protests  |
17  Russian billionaire becomes 3rd Crypto billionaire to die in weeks  |
18  US Senate has just passeed a landmark bill to protect “same-sex marriage”  |
19  Woman travels 3,000 miles to meet online boyfriend, only to be gruesomely murdered, decapitated, and has her organs harvested  |
20  Crypto Founder has just Died UNEXPECTEDLY in his sleep at the age of 30  |
21  What Will Happen '30 Seconds After the Rapture?  |
22  Recent North Korea ICBM missile launch had a range to strike the entire US  |
23  We Need A Single Global Order’ Says Macron at APEC Summit  |
24  High school girl claims she was punished for saying a male shouldn’t be allowed to watch her undress  |
25  Growing demand for patients wanting both male and female genitalia or NONE at all  |
26  Sports star jailed 10 months for ‘Transphobic’ message of Creation from the Book of Genesis  |
27  A “So-Called Christian Gay Couple” was finally married by United Reformed Church  |
28  RUMORS OF WAR: Japan braces for war with China  |
29  US redesigns their crest with rainbow colors to show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community at World Cup in Qatar  |
30  Massachusetts just elected the nation’s first openly lesbian governor  |
31  Facebook preparing to notify employees of “Large-Scale Layoffs  |
32  Elon Musk set to demo Neuralink ‘brain chip’ next month  |
33  DEVELOPING: New omicron subvariant that may be more resistant to antibodies, has now spread to 26 countries  |
35  Putin has just declared martial law in annexed regions of Ukraine  |
36  Ebola lockdowns have begun in Uganda  |
37  China is now urging all its citizens to evacuate Ukraine immediately  |
38  Putin is calling on Iranian Army to help win Ukraine war,  |
39  Federal Authorities coming after Elon musk, Under investigation over Twitter deal  |
40  Global epidemic of cancer among those younger than 50 could be emerging  |
41  600 Levites in Israel just performed a rehearsal for the coming “Third Temple”  |
42  Russia has just appointed a ruthless commander known by his troops as “General Armageddon.”  |
43  University of Southern Maine students demand professor be fired for saying there are only 2 sexes  |
44  Putin unleashes his fury, sends barrage of missiles into Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, Scores dead  |
45  Scientists claim they have discovered the “Secret Ingredient for Building Life”  |
46  Putin threatens nuclear war in Ukraine but Kyiv residents asked to wear masks as Covid cases surge  |
47  Woman known as “Chip Girl” goes viral after showcasing her “microchip implant”  |
48  WAR DRUMS: North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan, residents ordered to take shelter  |
49  Russia has reportedly kidnapped the boss of Ukraine’s biggest nuclear power plant  |
50  Elon Musk unveils prototype of Tesla’s humanoid robot “Optimus”  |
51  Metaverse’ children to replace real kids by 2050  |
52  Scientists discover massive “Ocean” near Earth’s core confirming the Book of Genesis  |
53  New deadly Ebola-like virus that lives in African monkeys  |
54  Putin sends fleet of bombers to military base  |
55  At least 127 people dead following riot at soccer match in Indonesia  |
56  DEVELOPING: US Embassy is warning Americans to leave Russia immediately  |
57  5 Major events that have transpired within the last 100 hours  |
58  European banks are bracing for “Energy Rations” that could threaten financial system  |
59  Putin threatens to let Europe ‘freeze’ over winter, raising risk of energy rationing  |
60  Queen Elizabeth II dead at 96 – Longest serving monarch in British history  |
61  Elon Musk is closer than ever for human testing of implantable brain chip  |
62  UN General Assembly moves closer to adopting resolution declaring abortion a ‘human right’  |
63  World Economic Forum Looks To Normalize Implanting Tracking Chips Into Humans  |
64  Girl identifies as a cat, and both her parents and her private school are okay with it  |
65  Why So Many Vile Diseases Are Suddenly Erupting Around The World  |
66  World Health Organization will soon try to change the way people view gender  |
67  Chinese invasion of Taiwan could come a lot sooner than expected  |
68  Ageing pope admits he must slow down, or quit  |
69  Member of U.S. House Intelligence Committee warns of bio-weapons being created that target individual’s DNA  |
70  Major study shows that Monkeypox is being driven overwhelmingly by sex between men  |
71  A deadly virus has just been identified in Ghana and health officials are worried  |
72  Meningococcal disease outbreak affecting Gay and Bisexual men in Florida has killed six  |
73  Nearly one million abortions occurred in the United States in the year 2020  |
74  Strange pestilences are beginning to appear all across the Western World  |
75  A comet larger than the dinosaur-killing asteroid is set to fly past earth  |
76  Meningococcal disease outbreak affecting Gay and Bisexual men in Florida has killed six  |
77  Sri Lanka’s prime minister has just sounded the alarm that their economy has ‘completely collapsed’  |
78  A Global Digital ID with real-time tracking of humanity is coming in the near future  |
79  North Korea is now reporting an outbreak of an “unidentified disease” alongside COVID-19  |
80  Disney’s ‘Strange World’ is set to feature the first “gay teen romance”   |
81  Japan Court has just ruled that “Gay Marriage” is not protected by Constitution,  |
82  Elon Musk’s transgender child looks to change name to cut all ties with father  |
83  The CDC has just issued some bizarre sex guidance procedures to prevent the spread of monkeypox  |
84  Fox News under fire for Pro-LGBT special  |
85  Israel and Saudi Arabia could be moving toward closer ties  |
86  Diseases that were suppressed during Covid are coming back in “new” and “peculiar ways”  |
87  Terrified Google engineer warns the firm’s AI is “sentient” has “thoughts and feelings”  |
88  Monkeypox outbreak explodes across Europe  |
89  Archbishop bars Nancy Pelosi from Communion due to her support of abortion  |
90  Outbreak in Europe and U.S.   |
91  How has Monkeypox suddenly spread all over the Globe at lightning speed?  |
92  Mystery hepatitis outbreak spreads to 20 countries ,Three more children dead, “Unexpected significant increase” in cases  |
93  A new Canadian law will officially describe portions of the Bible as ‘Myth’  |
94  Researcher discovers new variant “Deltacron” in Cyprus  |
95  California Pastor launches “Marijuana Ministry” for Christians, Claims cannabis is greatly “beneficial” to believers  |
96  Georgia mother sold her own 5-year-old daughter as a sex slave that ended up with child murdered  |
97  Iran has hacked one of Israel’s largest news publications  |
98  Man falls in “love” with robot and wants to marry “her”  |
99  Paralyzed Man Creates First-Ever Tweet Using Only His Thoughts Thanks to Implanted Brain Chip  |
100  WHO warns new Covid variants could emerge that are fully resistant to vaccines  |
101  The Price Increases Of 2022 Will Be More Painful  |
102  Soon your face will be your boarding pass for travel  |
103  Pennsylvania church vandalized with satanic messages saying “KILL GOD”  |
104  Elon Musk says if all goes as planned Neuralink will begin implanting brain chips in humans in 2022  |
105  Digital vaccine passport likely coming to multiple states in the US  |
106  European Commission attempting to ban gendered words and ‘Christmas’ in woke communication guide  |
107  Daystar TV founder Marcus Lamb has passed away from COVID complications at 64  |
108  Finland puts Christianity on trial as the Bible is deemed as “Hate Speech”  |
109  Austrians who refuse to be vaccinated face $4,000 fine in draconian crackdown  |
110  Germany’s Merkel warns new Covid spike is ‘Worse Than Anything Seen’  |
111  Over 50 churches in India forced to stop  |
112  Russia threatens to destroy 32 Nato satellites to cripple missile systems  |
113  China will begin vaccinating children as young as 3 years old as cases spread  |
114  U.S. will require contact tracing and Covid tests for International travelers beginning next month  |
115  Emergency workers come out in force in “Mass Protest” against New York vaccine mandate  |
116  Japan proposes jail time for those who make offensive comments on social media  |
117  Churches begin to prepare for future “Cashless Society” with cryptocurrency payment options  |
118  Apple removes Quran app and Bible app in China following the request of Chinese Communist officials  |
119  Professor suggests transgender pronouns for God  |
120  Pastor and Founder of World’s Largest Megachurch, Yonggi Cho Dies at 85  |
121  United Airlines staff who are granted religious exemptions to vaccine mandate will be placed on unpaid leave  |
122  Over 90 school bus drivers in Chicago quit after refusing to be vaccinated  |
123  Taliban militants obtain $62 BILLION worth of helicopters,  |
124  Even zoo animals are now being vaccinated for COVID  |
125  New COVID variant detected in South Africa is being called the most mutated variant so far  |
126  Israel carries out military strikes against Gaza following fire balloons and border clashes  |
127  California teacher tells students to pledge allegiance to gay pride flag  |
128  Kentucky school district reports a group of students are dressing and acting like cats  |
129  Glenn Beck and Samaritan’s Purse helping Christians ‘marked for death’ flee Afghanistan  |
130  Harvard just appointed its new Chief Chaplain who doesn’t even believe in God  |
131  HEARTBREAKING: Desperate Afghan Christians are being turned away at gates…  |
132  Parents ordered to pay their own son $30,441 for getting rid of his porn collection  |
133  HEARTBREAKING: Desperate Afghan Christians are being turned away at gates…  |
134  Will churches soon require vaccine passports?  |
135  Expert warns “New Super Variant ‘Covid-22’ could be even more dangerous than Delta  |
136  DEVELOPING: Biden receives inconclusive intelligence report on covid origins  |
137  PROPHECY WATCH: Store in France denies people food and water without Vaccine Passport  |
138  NYC mandates vaccinations for ALL public school teachers and staff, NO exceptions  |
139  Taliban warns the US that there will be ‘consequences’ if they extend military presence  |
140  Chinese authorities paying citizens to spy on neighbors and report ‘illegal’ Christian activities  |
141  Doctor accused of sacrificing animals in his apartment for ‘Santeria’ witchcraft  |
142  Taliban unit wearing US gear mocks iconic American WWII photo  |
143  RETURN OF ISIS: New threat emerges for Americans in Afghanistan  |
144  Australian broadcaster accidentally ran footage of satanic ritual during news segment  |
145  Bishop hands in resignation after clip of him exposing himself goes viral  |
146  Couple shot dead by ‘neighbor who blamed them for infecting his family with Covid that killed his dad and brother’  |
147  Americans scramble to evacuate Afghanistan, Can’t access airport, Flights leaving half empty, $2000 a seat  |
148  Here comes the rise of the “Lambda Variant”  |
149  Urgent prayer needed as reports are circulating of Taliban killing anyone found with Bibles on their phones  |
150  Church Leader Warns ‘The Taliban Are Going to Eliminate the Christian Population of Afghanistan’  |
151  Twitter allows Taliban to use their platform while banning Donald Trump and spreaders of “Misinformation”  |
152  California building modern day ‘Noah’s Ark’ to protect wildlife from extinction by fire and heat…  |
153  Single positive case of COVID results in New Zealand put into Nationwide Lockdown, Israel could see another lockdown soon  |
154  Afghans seen falling out of planes as they try to flee Kabul airport  |
155  Afghanistan Is The Thread That Will Start To Unravel Western Dreams Of A “New World Order”  |
156  Catastrophic flooding in Japan prompts nearly two million residents to evacuate  |
157  Sydney lockdown fines just increased to $3,700, as stay-at-home orders have been extended  |
158  Afghan Government has collapsed, Taliban now in control.  |
159  Youtube will now flag and strike any videos and channels that promote “Prayer” for COVID under new policy  |
160  Man confesses to killing his own children, refers to QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories  |
161  Court orders boy to stay with mother who says he’s a girl, gives father limited visitation  |
162  Scotland just decided that 4-year-olds can now choose their own gender at school without the consent of their parents  |
163  CA Candidate Tweets ‘We Should be Allowed to Shoot’ Anyone Who Doesn’t Take COVID Precautions Seriously  |
164  A transgender “Pastor” is seeking $200K in damages for being fired after “Coming Out”  |
165  West Africa placed on high alert as first case of deadly Ebola-like Marburg virus with 88% fatality rate detected  |
166  Russia and China hold large-scale joint military drills  |
167  Joe Rogan warns that vaccine passports are leading us ‘one step closer’ to dictatorship  |
168  Prime Minister of Israel warns that if people don’t get vaccinated they will “postpone the Messiah”  |
169  New report reveals 43,000 Nigerian Christians have been killed and 18,000 have disappeared in past 12 years  |
170  Pentagon will require all troops to be vaccinated by Sept. 15th  |
171  Man joins the Navy just to prove the Earth is “Flat” only to quickly find out that he was wrong  |
172  Now health officials are warning of more possible COVID variants  |
173  Are digital health passports a “Trojan Horse” for a coming cashless society?  |
174  United Airlines will require all 67,000 employees to be vaccinated or lose job  |
175  Now health officials are warning of more possible COVID variants  |
176  Hillsong church founder Brian Houston accused of concealing child sex offences  |
177  RUMORS OF WAR: Israel warns military action may be needed to stop Iran attacks  |
178  Extreme drought in Northern Mexico has killed tens of thousands of cattle  |
179  Utah Governor says he won’t be wearing a mask anymore and says he is “done with it”  |
180  US will now require COVID-19 shots for foreign travelers  |
181  Olympic Committee Director: ‘Everyone agrees that transgender women are women’  |
182  BIG APPLE SHAKEUP: Cuomo violated federal, state laws, sexually harassed multiple women  |
183  Four police officers who warded off US Capitol attack have died of “suicide”  |
184  36 year-old man hid in 15-year-old girl’s closet for more than a month – and snuck out to sexually abuse her  |
185  Protests breaking out across the Globe against new COVID lockdowns and mandates  |
186  European Parliament members labeling “Pro-Life” advocates as ‘Extremist’ – Will America be next?  |
187  Menstrual equity’ bill  |
188  Australia deploys helicopters & soldiers to keep people in their homes in one of world’s strictest Covid lockdowns  |
189  Dozens of communities run risk of running out of water as the drought continues in California  |
190  Arsonists Set Canadian Pastor's Property on Fire After Arrest Over COVID Violations  |
191  Ohio is now offering a $1 million weekly drawing, for people who get vaccinated  |
192  Hawaii will begin allowing nurses to perform abortions  |
193  A parent is suing to overturn NY law to allow them to marry their own child  |
194  17-year-old superstar JoJo Siwa says she’s ‘pansexual’ claims ‘I still don’t know what I am’  |
196  Transgender wins female beauty pageant in Nevada  |
197  Germany, France, and Italy halt COVID vaccines over blood clot fears – Now banned in 17 Nations  |
198  China is building a surveillance state with cameras checking emotions and tracking ‘social credit’ with AI  |
199  Proof of vaccination may soon be required for international flights, cruises, and hotels  |
200  New virus discovered in bats in Thailand with 91.5% similarity to Covid-19  |
201  Big Brother is creating technology that the Antichrist will use in the future  |
202  Facebook begins major crack down on ‘vaccine misinformation’  |
203  New AI will determine if emotions do not match words  |
204  Computer model can determine whether you’ll die of COVID  |
205  Atheist group demands Maryland city stop opening meetings with Christian prayer  |
206  Biden to sign memo on protecting LGBTQ rights worldwide  |
207  Nigeria’s military executes 6 Christian soldiers framed for crime  |
208  WH Press Secretary Warns Social Distancing and Masking Still ‘Essential’ after Vaccination  |
209  Denmark May Soon Force Churches to Submit Their Sermons to Government  |
210  1 in 4 Americans say they will never get Covid vaccine  |
211  UK begins door-to-door testing of 80,000 people for Covid  |
212  Bill Gates calls for ‘Mega Testing’ and global disease “Alert System’  |
213  Army Chaplain Under Investigation Over Opposition to Transgender Troops  |
214  Steve Harvey says Jesus is not the only way to Heaven  |
215  Twitter suspends Christian magazine for saying Biden’s trans nominee is a man, not a woman  |
216  World leaders pledge a ‘great reset’ after the pandemic  |
217  China carries out rehearsals of taking over the United States  |
218  Moderna CEO says Virus to stay with the world ‘FOREVER’  |
219  The Police State Is Coming For “Religious Extremists”,   |
220  Biden signs executive order overturning Trump’s transgender military ban  |
221  Scientists warn Cats and dogs may need to get Covid vaccine to stop spread of virus  |
222  DEVELOPING: Major concerns over Pope Francis health emerge, Catholic Church could be in Jeopardy  |
223  Pastor warns Biden Administration will celebrate what God condemns, Persecute the Church  |
224  Xi terrified by ‘300 million-strong’ uprising of Christians in China  |
225  International Olympic Committee to vaccinate every Olympic athlete before Tokyo Games  |
226  President Biden Signs Transgender Executive Order  |
227  Biden Administration to Use Taxpayer Money to Spread Abortion Around the World  |
228  Boris Johnson warns new Covid variant in the UK may be more deadly  |
229  Many Christians Claim God will use Biden to ‘Usher in the Tribulation’  |
230  Alternative social network MeWe adds 2.5 million new members in one week  |
231  American Airlines launches health passport for international travelers flying to US  |
232  Biden set to implement executive order to mandate mask-wearing on federal land  |
233  Biden’s Secretary of State supports a two-state solution, but US embassy stays in Jerusalem  |
234  Rumors circulate of Pope Francis resigning after Christmas to ‘follow Benedict’  |
235  Federal Court rules Ohio must allow gender changes on birth certificates  |
236  China’s genetically modified ‘super soldiers’ were ‘predicted in Biblical prophecy’  |
237  Third virus strain called 501.V2 believed to be more extreme than one discovered in Britain  |
238  Anti-vaxxers Could Face Public Transport Ban In France  |
239  Joe Biden warns ‘darkest days in the battle against COVID are ahead of us,’ despite vaccine  |
240  France and China developing biologically engineered “Super Soldiers”  |
241  Hungary passes constitutional amendment defining marriage   |
242  10 Things We Know About The New Mutant “Super COVID”   |
243  Pastor Jentezen Franklin positive with Covid after White House Christmas party  |
244  Top Russian Covid scientist working on vaccine found   |
245  New Covid strain spreads   |
246  Yes! Employers can bar unvaccinated employees from their workplace  |
247  China is warning that even if you are vaccinated you will have to keep wearing a mask  |
248  Flights from UK canceled as health minister says new Covid strain is ‘out of control’  |
249  Millions in England face living under Tier Four restrictions for months  |
250  2nd reported severe reaction to COVID-19 vaccine  |
251  Chicago-area hospital halts vaccinations after 4 workers experience adverse reactions  |
252  Cheers erupt as Argentina moves to legalize Abortion  |
253  250 Members of India’s ‘Sons of Manasseh’ lost Tribe to return home to Israel  |
254  Health worker in Alaska has serious allergic reaction after Pfizer’s vaccine  |
255  FDA staff recommends watching for Bell’s palsy in Moderna and Pfizer vaccine recipients  |
256  China’s new digital currency spells the end for the US dollar’s global dominance  |
257  YouTube just purged 8,000 channels for promoting “false election claims”  |
258  Pope Francis could fulfill final piece of 900-year-old doomsday prophecy  |
259  Morocco becomes the fourth Arab country to normalize ties with Israel in four months  |
260  A Couple with 4-Year-Old Son Arrested and Interrogated for Boarding Flight while testing positive for coronavirus  |
261  China prepares large-scale rollout of coronavirus vaccines  |
262  Putin orders ‘large-scale’ COVID-19 vaccination in Russia  |
263  Human Rights Advocates Sound Alarm on ‘Christian Genocide’ Unfolding in Africa  |
264  CDC director warns the next few months could be “most difficult in public health history of US”  |
265  North Koreans are increasingly being exposed to the Bible despite ongoing persecution  |
266  Digital Passports That Confirm Your Vaccination Status Are Coming  |
267  UK minister warns that a normal life will not happen for those who refuse Covid vaccine  |
268  We won’t force vaccine; but you won’t be able to buy, sell or trade without it”  |
269  Restaurants, bars, cinemas and sports venues in UK may soon require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter  |
270  Panic buying of toilet paper hits U.S. stores again with new pandemic restrictions  |
271  Doctors warn that the CDC should warn people of the side effects from Covid vaccine shots  |
272  Airline industry begins plans for COVID-19 ‘vaccination passports’ for international travel  |
273  IT BEGINS: Australian airlines will only let passengers who have vaccine on international flights…Other airlines to follow  |
274  Arizona university locks students out of classes for not getting mandatory coronavirus tests  |
275  Coronavirus vaccine shots could go to U.S. health workers in about a month  |
276  Major Worldwide Famine in 2021 ‘Presaging Messiah as Prophesied by Amos’.  |
277  Robots replacing teachers during COVID-19 Era  |
278  Hallmark Set to Debut First Gay Christmas Show on Sunday  |
279  Canada’s largest city goes back into lockdown  |
280  DARK WINTER: Welcome to “Coronavirus Hell”  |
281  DARK WINTER: Welcome to “Coronavirus Hell”  |
282  At What Point Do Mandatory Shutdowns Become Martial Law?  |
283  Bill Gates warns more than 50% of business travel will disappear in post-coronavirus world  |
284  Will a Donald Trump loss lead to the ‘Rise of the Kingdom of Antichrist’?  |
285  Tucker Carlson claims the elites want COVID-19 lockdowns to usher in a ‘Great Reset’  |
286  Kissinger Warns Biden of U.S.-China Catastrophe on Scale of World War  |
287  Rabbi warns ‘The Messiah should arrive anytime between September 2021-22?  |
288  RUMORS OF WAR: Iran warns U.S. move against it would face ‘crushing’ response, Saudi minister says nuclear armament against Iran ‘an option’  |
289  We just had an asteroid come less than 300 miles from hitting the Earth, Closet known miss on record  |
290  A Court Ruling in Austria Could Censor the Internet Worldwide  |
291  Thanksgiving Banned, Christmas Not Happening, New Lockdowns, Normal May Not Return Until Late 2021  |
292  San Diego strip clubs reopen, but churches ordered to remain closed in California  |
293  UN World Food Program Warns Of “Famines Of Biblical Proportions In 2021” As Some Americans Wait 12 Hours For Food  |
294  Bill O’Reilly Predicts ‘Collapse’ Of Cable News Once Trump Leaves Office  |
295  Churches have replaced prayer with “smoke machines and coolness’  |
296  Governors say their states will not be participating in National Shutdown for COVID  |
297  A Top Dictionary Has Just Changed Definitions for ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’  |
298  A Biden presidency would “resurrect” hopes for a Palestinian state  |
299  Pope Francis is urging believers to pray that AI and robots ‘always serve mankind’  |
300  European Central Bank Could Soon Adopt Digital Currency  |
301  Even stricter COVID lockdowns are coming, and they are going to be extremely devastating for the U.S. economy  |
302  Pastor MacArthur mocks pandemic health orders, says there is “No Pandemic”  |
303  Arkansas mandates wearing face masks at church services  |
304  Ticketmaster To Verify COVID Vaccination Status Of Fans Before Issuing Concert Passes  |
305  China converts churches into factories, ‘cultural centers’ to ensure Christians can’t gather  |
306  COVID cases spiking, Hospitals filling up, Full lockdowns loom, CDC releases new Thanksgiving guidelines, Italy fears second wave  |
307  ISIS beheads 50 men and boys on Mozambique football field, Women and Children abducted  |
308  Biden plans to reverse Trump’s pro-life policies using executive orders  |
309  Biden wants to implement mask mandates nationwide as one of first priorities  |
310  Scientists Are Preparing For ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ of Asteroids, Volcanoes, and Solar Storms  |
311  Utah governor declares coronavirus emergency, issues mask mandate  |
312  Conspiracy Theorists and Anti-Vaxxers warn new Covid vaccine could be harbinger of dictatorship.  |
313  Bible translator tortured and shot dead in Indonesia, Authorities raid underground church in China, detain priests and nuns  |
314  Pro-life, and pro-abortion groups react to Joe Biden being declared winner of presidential election  |
315  Biden is planning immediate flurry of executive orders to reverse Trump policies  |
316  NEWSMAX is not calling Joe Biden the winner of the Election  |
317  California Church faces court and $350,000 in Fines despite zero COVID cases  |
318  A New World is being prepared for the Antichrist to rise to power  |
319  Jeremiah Johnson says “Trump Win Will Be Third of My Recent Prophecies to Be Fulfilled”  |
320  Preparing For The National Meltdown No Matter Who Wins  |
321  Trump now considers himself to be a “Non-Denominational Christian’  |
322  New Zealand sets up mandatory “quarantine camps” for COVID patients  |
323  Two people beheaded in church and third person dead in France terror attack  |
324  Bible rewritten alphabetically to allow for ‘new and interesting interpretations’  |
325  Police in the UK will enter homes and break up Christmas dinners if families fail to obey lockdown rules  |
326  End Times preacher claims Solomon’s Temple breakthrough unravels prophecy  |
327  13-year-old Boy Who Identifies as a Girl Says “Gender as we knew it is Over”  |
328  Muslim world outraged over cartoons of Prophet Mohammad, Citizens warned to be cautious  |
329  China’s Xi Jinping prepares China for global dominance, Christians in China targeted  |
330  A massive Asteroid will buzz Earth at the same time a rare Blue Moon will be visible on Halloween night  |
331  Leaders in Over 30 Countries Sign Statement Affirming ‘No International Right to Abortion’  |
332  Trump says up to 10 countries are set for peace with Israel, ‘largely after’ elections  |
333  Expert warns of coming ‘exponential spread’ of coronavirus  |
334  Satanic Protester Dumps Blood All Over Christian Preacher at Washington Prayer Event  |
335  DEVELOPING: 70,000 in Southern California forced to evacuate after fire grows  |
336  Rabbi In Israel Claims He’s Already Holding Meetings With The “Messiah”  |
337  COVID-19 deaths could reach 500,000 by February, Fauci warns national mask mandate may be needed  |
338  Biden says he will mandate masks in interstate transportation if elected  |
339  Strange Election “Coincidences” From Blue Moon, 2 Asteroids And 3 Simultaneous Lightning Strikes  |
340  Law Enforcement Across America Is Preparing For Massive Election Riots  |
341  Could Saudi Arabia Be Next To Make a “Peace Deal” With Israel?  |
342  Images reveal Russia is preparing to test nuclear missiles  |
343  Thousands of Witches Plot to ‘Bind Trump’ for Last Debate and Election Day  |
344  DEVELOPING: US officials accuse Iran of attempting to interfere in US elections  |
345  Man and his girlfriend are viciously beaten over their pro-Trump flag in Oklahoma City  |
346  Pope calls for civil union law for same-sex couples, in shift from Vatican stance…  |
347  Conservatives and Pro-Lifers Experiencing Extraordinary Censorship By Big Tech  |
348  Michigan pastor leaves his church because the majority support Trump  |
349  Zuckerberg says Facebook will restrict less content after US elections  |
350  Televangelist Pat Robertson says God told him Trump will win, then an asteroid will hit Earth  |
351  Twitter removes top White House coronavirus adviser tweet claiming masks don’t work  |
352  China Broadens Persecution Labeling Religious Material as ‘Contraband’  |
353  Why “Progressive Christianity’ is ‘Another Gospel’ that has infiltrated the Church  |
354  Mastercard ‘True Name’ Feature Allows ‘Transgenders’ to Use Their Chosen Name on Their Debit, Credit Cards  |
355  Wikipedia bans editors from expressing support for traditional marriage  |
356  NY Republican Party Office Attacked By Violent Mob, Injuries Reported  |
357  US national security adviser warns Taiwan of Chinese invasion  |
358  The dangerous rise of military AI is becoming a real threat  |
359  Explosive vest-wearing man ‘shouting Allahu Akbar’ beheads man in Paris…  |
360  California Senate. Shannon Grove Warns ‘The Government Is Coming After Our Pastors’  |
361  China Is Using A Digital Currency Insurgency To Unseat The US Dollar  |
362  Facebook Continues Crackdown, Bans Anti-Vaccination Ads  |
363  Chinese Media Warns Risk of War With Taiwan is Rising  |
364  AI deepfakes creating fake humans who ‘don’t exist’ to spread misinformation  |
365  Lead Pastor resigns from The Hills Church after confessing affair  |
366  How the Jewish Feasts Point to God’s Last-Days Timetable  |
367  What Should Conservative Americans Expect If Biden-Harris Win?  |
368  The United Nations continues to strongly promote abortion all over the globe  |
369  Christians Are Now Under Investigation by Nashville Health Dept. Over Recent Worship Service  |
370  Christian Community Fights Back, Seeks Restraining Order Over NY Governor’s Restrictions on Religious Gatherings  |
371  Scientist claims AI will become Earth’s ‘dominant life-form’ and keep humans ‘like we keep plants’  |
372  Over 13,000 Ethiopian Jews waiting to be taken to Israel, which they call home.  |
373  China hands out $1.5 million in digital currency in one of the country’s largest public tests to advance “cashless society”  |
374  China forces churches to replace cross with 5-pointed star: Warns ‘Christianity does not belong here’  |
375  North Korea unveils new weapons at military parade  |
376  Chinese military demands USA ‘stop provocative actions’ in the South Sea…  |
377  Historical Epidemic Making a Scary Comeback Due to a Bacterial ‘Clone’  |
378  13 charged in plots to kidnap Michigan governor  |
379  Facebook has kept its promise and shuts down Christian ministry’s page that promotes help from “Gender Confusion”  |
380  Thousands gather in Texas for a “Move of God”, Many run to the altar to receive Christ  |
381  Kim Jong-un could reveal ‘largest-ever’ nuke missile this weekend after promising big ‘surprise’ for Donald Trump  |
382  Coronavirus can live on skin for 9 hours, Prepare for two years of wearing masks  |
383  Gov. Cuomo threatens to close churches and synagogues if they don’t ‘agree to follow the rules’  |
384  A Florida teen was arrested at school after refusing to wear a mask  |
385  China Has Threatened War Over New Taiwan Independence Proposal  |
386  Biden Says He’ll Make Abortion ‘Law Of The Land’ If Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade  |
387  Watch out for this green dot on your iPhone – it means someone is watching  |
388  Special Forces Building AI to Detect Disinformation and ‘Fake News’  |
389  Woman throws hot coffee at man who isn’t wearing mask  |
390  Facebook and Twitter quickly remove Trump’s post comparing COVID-19 to the flu  |
391  Hillary Clinton says Young people leaving Church because Christianity is judgmental and alienating  |
392  Erdogan Tells His Leaders That ‘Jerusalem is Our City’  |
393  Jordan, Egypt, France and Germany meet to discuss MidEast peace  |
394  ISIS emerges again creating stronghold in Mozambique, Thousands killed, beheaded and displaced  |
395  Global Food Shortages Are Becoming Very Real, And U.S. Grocery Store Chains Are Preparing For Worst Case Scenarios  |
396  President Trump taken to Walter Reed Military Medical Center as a ‘precautionary measure’  |
397  Elon Musk claim he won’t take coronavirus vaccine and calls Bill Gates a ‘knucklehead’  |
398  Doctors Worry about “Apocalyptic Fall”  |
399  RV-size asteroid to get closer to Earth than the moon  |
400  Thousands Hit the Streets in Florida Where Souls Were ‘Running to Get Saved’  |
401  New report reveals Iran has over a million converts to Christianity  |
402  Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in Washington to sign two historic peace deals with the UAE and Bahrain.  |
403  Trump expects eight or nine more Arab countries to join Israel peace agreement, including Saudi Arabia  |
404  Doctors Prepare to Implant the World’s First Human Bionic Eye  |
405  The “Peace Agreement” That Israel Just Signed Is Another Huge Step Toward A Palestinian State  |
406  CDC urges governors to prepare for coronavirus vaccine distribution in ‘fall of 2020  |
407  Over 10,000 Christians Call for Removal of Franklin Graham As Charity’s CEO After Supporting Trump at RNC  |
408  New video of Black man being suffocated by police in NY may be tipping point  |
409  Another pastor refuses to close his Church after being fined over $50,000 for singing, meeting inside  |
410  PROPHECY WATCH: Kushner believes all 22 Arab states will soon recognize Israel  |
411  Franklin Graham warns socialist left will ‘close the Church down’: ‘The storm is coming’  |
412  Disturbing Rise in Violence Against Christians in India  |
413  Chicago, Portland, Baltimore – The Things We Have Been Warned About Are Now Starting To Happen Everywhere  |
414  COVID-19 vaccine may be given emergency approval before end of trials to assure safety and effectiveness.  |
415  Forced medication accompanies lockdown in China  |
416  Kids are being subjected to ‘Sex Parties’ and Sexual Propositions in ‘Roblox’ Game  |
417  Revival is sweeping across NJ, NYC, and Boston as move of God shakes the East Coast  |
418  400,000 chickens and turkeys euthanized in Australia from bird flu  |
419  China and US tensions growing, Israel and Hamas conflict grows and Russia carries out largest War Games since Cold War  |
420  More than 350 faith leaders endorse Biden, citing ‘need of moral leadership’  |
421  Elon Musk’s Neuralink implants computer chips in animal brains  |
422  Appeals Court Rules Va. School District ‘Discriminated’ by Not Allowing Girl to Use Boys’ Restroom  |
423  China removes over 900 church crosses in first half of 2020  |
424  Evangelicals met with ‘threats of violence, blasphemous slogans’ exiting White House following Trump’s speech  |
425  Engineer creates ‘AI Jesus’ that creates its own scripture verses  |
426  One out Five churches face permanent closure within 18 months due to COVID-19 shutdowns  |
427  Pastor running for Senate says Abortion rights are ‘consistent’ with his beliefs as a minister of the Gospel  |
428  Unrest continues in Kenosha, 2 Dead, Protests continue  |
429  California Church Fined $10K for Holding Indoor Worship Services and Singing During Gatherings  |
430  Man believes he saw Jesus ‘10,000 times brighter than the Sun’ after suffering heart attack  |
431  More Than Half Of San Francisco Storefronts Out of Business Due To Pandemic  |
432  China and Russia set alarm bells ringing across globe with major move  |
433  Elon Musk set to unveil brain chip with real-time demonstration…  |
434   PROPHECY WATCH: Iran, Hamas and Islamic Jihad call for ‘uprising’ after UAE-Israel deal  |
435  Shofar May Be Blown on Temple Mount for First Time Since Temple Destruction  |
436  First documented case of coronavirus re-infection discovered, Virus could be with us forever  |
437  FDA Clears Jim Bakker of Charges He Offered Cure for COVID-19  |
438  UN Chief warns humanity is facing a famine of “Biblical Proportions”  |
439  Asteroid heading to earth a day before presidential election  |
440  Police looking for masked suspect accused of giving strangers ‘COVID hugs’ at Walmart  |
441  China orders hospitals to terminate babies of religious and ethnic minorities  |
442  Israel’s peace deal with UAE proves Bible prophecy is unfolding  |
443  Spirit Led Lebanese Pastor Sent Everyone Home Before the Explosion  |
444  Jared Kushner: The first time Israel has agreed to a map of a Palestinian state  |
445  Singapore to force travelers to wear electronic tags to enforce quarantine  |
446  Outlook on US credit rating falls to ‘negative’…Dollar flashes warning sign  |
447  WHO warns the World to expect ‘lengthy’ coronavirus pandemic  |
448  USA.Life founder hails platform as alternative to Facebook, Twitter for Christians and conservatives  |
449  Millions of over-50s in UK could be told to stay at home to avoid second nationwide lockdown  |
450  Bill Gates warns multiple coronavirus vaccine doses likely needed and schools should stay closed for another year  |
451  Christ Statue Beheaded, Churches Torched and Vandalized with Satanic Symbols Across US and the World  |
452  U.S on the verge of new lockdown, mutation causing outbreaks to spread, deaths could reach 300,000 by year-end  |
453  People in Israel are Preparing Show-Bread for Service in Coming “Third Temple”  |
454  California Churches Have Been Shut Down Indefinitely, And The NFL Season May Be In Jeopardy  |
455  DEVELOPING: China has launched ‘economic blitzkrieg’ to topple US  |
456  China orders Christians to take down crosses, images of Jesus; worship communist leaders not God  |
457  Christian children’s book author Matthew Paul Turner comes out as gay, announces divorce  |
458  Bank of England Begins Debating Digital Currency Creation  |
459  Rabbi Claims: “Messiah on the Way Whether Jews Return or Not”  |
460  Many say converging of religions around the world is a sign of the Apocalypse unfolding  |
461  Alaska Airlines flight makes an emergency landing in Seattle after passenger threatens to kill everyone on board unless they accepted Jesus was a black man  |
462  Sports Illustrated to feature first transgender model  |
463  Colorado town threatens a year in jail for residents who refuse to wear masks  |
464  Panic erupts in Iran as third blast in three weeks rocks capital  |
465  Researchers say protests didn’t contribute to Covid-19 spreading but health official says Trump rally ‘Likely’ source of virus surge.  |
466  NY Times Accuses Churches as ‘Major Source’ of COVID-19  |
467  Oracle in Israel Announces That The “Messiah is Here”  |
468  Satanic Temple threatens lawsuit if ‘In God We Trust’ appears on new Mississippi flag  |
469  Pastor Jentezen Franklin urges Christians to vote their faith after Calif. bans singing in church  |
470  Jen Hatmaker Says It’s a ‘Moment of Pride’ As Daughter Reveals She’s Gay  |
471  Bill Gates warns COVID-19 ‘will be back in big numbers’ in October-November when it turns cooler  |
472  Israel Cancels God TV’s Evangelical Christian Channel  |
473  Pastor dragged and beaten by 150-strong mob while praying for sick  |
474  Calif. bans travel to Idaho over laws banning boys in girls’ sports, sex on birth certificate  |
475  Sign Of The Times: Could Doomsday Bunkers Become the New Normal?  |
476  Christian figures and symbols targeted amid ongoing protests  |
477  New Salmonella outbreak has killed one and sickened over 465  |
478  Instagram Censors Worship Leader’s Praise Post, Labeling His Faith ‘False and Harmful’  |
479  IMF says economic collapse will be even worse than feared…4 terrifying factors are happening  |
480  Jewish Rabbi Believes”Messiah” Will Arrive Somewhere Between Sept 2020 and Sept 2021  |
481  Turkey Threatens to Unite all Muslim Countries Against Israel  |
482  DEVELOPING: Second wave of coronavirus strikes China, Residents seen rounded up  |
483  Televangelist Rod Parsley under fire for claiming America’s founders released all their slaves  |
484  Many Are Being Deceived With a False Gospel in This Hour  |
485  How the world will worship the Antichrist in the greatest ‘deceit’ of mankind  |
486  Northern Ireland under worst drought conditions since 1976  |
487  We Have Never Seen What We Have Witnessed In The Last Six Months  |
488  We Are Seeing Looters Use Absolutely Crazy Tactics That Have Never Been Seen Before  |
489  Virginia set to remove iconic statue of General Lee  |
490  Historic St. John’s Church near White House was set on fire in DC riots  |
491  Russia invaded by blood-sucking ticks including new and deadly “mutant” species  |
492  John Paul Jackson Was Shown That The Next Pandemic Will Involve “Sores On The Skin”  |
493  DEVELOPING: Reports Of Fresh Ebola Outbreak in DC of Congo  |
494  China just made a threat against Taiwan, Military will use force if there is no other way to stop island becoming independent  |
495  Attacks on Churches, an Houses of Worship Increase Across the Globe  |
496  Leading scientist warns of apocalyptic bird flu that could wipe out half of the World’s population  |
497  Protests over police killings rage in dozens of US cities  |
498  Border Tensions Rise as India and China Move In More Troops  |
499  Costa Rica becomes first Central American country to legalize same-sex marriage  |
500  China to launch digital yuan next year to compete with US currency  |
501  China says virus pushing US ties to brink of ‘Cold War’  |
502  Wuhan pastor interrogated after Zoom evangelism event  |
503  Coronavirus Monitoring Bracelets Flood the Market, Ready to Snitch on People Who Don’t Distance  |
504  Jon Steingard of Christian band Hawk Nelson announces he no longer “Believes in God”  |
505  Scientists develop artificial eye that could provide vision for humanoid robots  |
506  Chicago Businessman Says He’ll Pay $500 Fines Given to 3 Churches Who Defied Stay-at-Home Order  |
507  Bet you stay home now you hypokrits’: Miss. church destroyed in suspected arson attack  |
508  Trump says he will take a ‘strong position’ to pressure Democrat governors to reopen churches soon  |
509  China Forcing Christian Teachers to Renounce Their Faith so Students Are Properly Indoctrinated in Communism  |
510  DOJ sends warning to California Gov. Gavin Newsom: Stop discriminating against churches  |
511  There Will Be Both A Solar and Lunar Eclipse In June  |
512  Pastor who ‘healed coronavirus sufferers by laying his hands on them’ dies from Covid-19, sparking fear among his followers in Cameroon  |
513  China’s scientists accused of ‘playing God’ by creating cloned apes and primates with human organs  |
514  Nephew of Benny Hinn calls out new wave of prosperity preachers by name  |
515  World-Renowned Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias Has Died  |
516  Coronavirus accelerating humanity to embrace a total cashless society  |
517  NC governor stands by decision to suspend church services during pandemic  |
518  3,000 California churches vow to reopen on Pentecost Sunday, regardless of gov. orders  |
519  Sun enters ‘lockdown’ period, which could cause freezing weather and famine  |
520  More Americans turning to drugs and alcohol as coronavirus stress rises  |
521  Scientists discover ‘one in a million’ super-Earth  |
522  Bigamy is no longer a felony in Utah  |
523  Food Prices Just Increased By The Most That We Have Seen Since 1974  |
524  Rats are infecting humans with hepatitis leaving experts baffled  |
525  UPDATE: World-renowned Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias sent home with grim prognosis  |
526  Camera-equipped robot patrols Singapore park telling people to social distance during COVID-19 pandemic  |
527  Governor Cuomo will partner with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to “develop a blueprint to reimagine education.”  |
528  Israel threatens to shut down new evangelical GOD TV channel if it proselytizes  |
529  States Tell Supreme Court to Force Nuns to Violate Their ‘God-Given Right of Conscience’  |
530  Woman arrested in South Carolina after “licking spree”  |
531  New Models Predict 3000 Deaths A Day by June – Fears of Second Wave  |
532  Pakistani Christian students will be forced to study Quran if gov.’s plans move ahead  |
533  Chinese Officials Attack Christians in Church  |
534  Church’ Hit by Possible ‘Cyber Attack,’ Blocking Users from Viewing Live Event  |
535  Church of God in Christ loses over 30 leaders from coronavirus  |
536  Amazon, Walmart, Target, FedEx and Instacart workers to hold ‘unprecedented strike’ on Friday over virus risk  |
537  Americans are Reaching Coronavirus Breaking Point  |
538  Contracting coronavirus could take 13 years off your life’, UK researchers claim  |
539  Public school teacher accused of offering to pay coronavirus-infected people to cough on President Trump has resigned  |
540  Huge Asteroid Appearing to be Wearing a Face Mask To Pass By Earth  |
541  No Job, No Food, and Suicidal – Unrest Grows Over Unemployment  |
542  Prophetic Rabbi who Accurately Predicted WW2 Claims ‘War of Gog-Magog Months Away  |
543  Say Goodbye to America’s Oil Independence  |
544  China’s Digital Currency To Be Given A Test Drive By U.S. Companies  |
545  New Danish Bible Translation Omits Dozens of References to Israel  |
546  Missouri files lawsuit against China for the coronavirus pandemic  |
547  Vatican joins IBM and Microsoft to call for ethical development of “Artificial Intelligence”  |
548  Pope Pushes One World Religion on Israel’s Independence Day  |
549  Next 45 days will be the ‘most critical period in U.S. financial history  |
550  Thousands Of U.S. Businesses That Were Shut Down Will Be Closed Permanently  |
551  Madonna joins Bill Gates’ fight to fund coronavirus vaccine  |
552  All Eyes on ME .. The Dawn of Digital Surveillance Has Arrived  |
553  California County Bans Singing in Churches During Livestream Services  |
554  Canada to use gender neutral pronouns in military to accommodate trans ideology  |
555  Coronavirus case and death counts in U.S. ridiculously low  |
556  Woman Credits God After Giving Birth in Coma While Fighting Coronavirus: ‘I’m a Miracle Walking’  |
557  NY Gov. Cuomo says “WE” brought the numbers down not “GOD or “FAITH”  |
558  KY Police mark license plate numbers of churchgoers who attended in-person services  |
559  China Clamps Down on Research Into How Pandemic Began  |
560  Following Record Rainfall, Sea of Galilee Overflows: ‘An Omen of Messiah’s Arrival’  |
561  U.S. May Face 18 Months of Rolling Shutdowns  |
562  Virus found in air samples up to 13 feet from patients, traces found in Massachusetts wastewater at levels far higher than expected  |
563  Trump declares major disaster in all 50 states at once, First time in history  |
564  Many UK lockdown restrictions could remain for 18 months or until vaccine comes  |
565  Would you consider having an implant in your hand?  |
566  A potential coronavirus vaccine funded by Bill Gates is set to begin testing in people  |
567  Fauci warns world may never return back to normal after coronavirus outbreak  |
568  Netanyahu Considers Passover Lamb Sacrifice on Temple Mount for First time in 2,000 Years  |
569  Hulk Hogan says Jesus, not a coronavirus vaccine, is what we need  |
570  Pentagon Seeking 100,000 Body Bags In Preparation of Deaths From Coronavirus  |
571  Contact tracking app set to be released which detects nearby virus carriers  |
572  US coronavirus cases surpass 200,000, More than 4,300 dead, Becomes third leading cause of death in the US  |
573  Chinese Authorities force Christians into unemployment for ‘cult’ affiliation  |
574  Prisoners in New York begin digging Mass Graves -Pay slashed for Healthcare workers on frontlines  |
575  Muslim convert on ‘miraculous’ ways God is ‘radically transforming’ Iran despite persecution  |
576  Top infectious disease doctor warns the US could see 100-200 thousand deaths  |
577  How COVID-19 is a crisis fit for a “New World Order”  |
578  London Lockdown Could Last 6 Months or Longer  |
579  Gordon Brown calls for global government to tackle coronavirus  |
580  Europe faces food shortages from Coronavirus pandemic  |
581  US virus deaths may top 80,000 despite confinement  |
582  Gordon Brown calls for “global government” to tackle coronavirus  |
583  Why Did Hundreds Of CEOs Resign Just Before The World Started Going Absolutely Crazy?  |
584  Pope suggests people Confess sins directly to God if no priests available during virus pandemic  |
585  91 year-old Greeter dead and 34 infected at Church in Arkansas  |
586  New Jersey man, 25, in coma after misplaced positive coronavirus test  |
587  Americans rush to make online wills in the face of the coronavirus pandemic  |
588  India Places 1.3 Billion On 21 Day Lockdown  |
589  Trump wants the country ‘Opened up by Easter’  |
590  Over 100,000 People Have Recovered From Coronavirus Around the World  |
591  Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz tests positive for coronavirus  |
592  World Health Organization Warns Pandemic is ‘Accelerating  |
593  Commercial Mortgages on Brink of Collapse, U.S. Jobless Rate May Soar to 30%  |
594  Doctors and nurses “scared to come to work” to treat coronavirus patients because of supply shortages  |
595  Panic as coronavirus erupts across Africa – ‘People will die on the streets’  |
596  Panic as coronavirus erupts across Africa – ‘People will die on the streets’  |
597  Cuomo warns 80% will get virus over ‘9 months’ as Mnuchin tells 80 million to prepare for 12-week shutdown  |
598  Italy’s death toll feeds fear of what lies ahead in Europe and the U.S.  |
599  Clinic worker, 39, found dead in her kitchen while waiting for delayed coronavirus test results  |
600  Over 50 NYPD officers test positive for coronavirus  |
601  More men dying from coronavirus than women  |
602  Nearly one billion people confined to homes globally to curb virus  |
603  Local pastor admitted to hospital, put in isolation; wife ‘taking turn for worse,’  |
604  COVID-19 killed residents at a rate of more than one per hour on Friday.  |
605  Texas Governor Activates National Guard  |
606  Type A blood types more likely to catch coronavirus than those with Type O  |
607  Trump recommends limiting gatherings of more than 10 people, Could last until August  |
608  Actor Idris Elba has contracted coronavirus  |
609  “Where You Stop Is Where You Stay” – Domestic Travel Restrictions Are Being “Considered”  |
610  Oregon police urge citizens to not call 911 because they’re out of toilet paper  |
611  All European countries could face lockdown within 10 days if containment fails  |
612  Newborn baby in London has coronavirus as UK cases soar to 820 and 11 dead  |
613  Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias reveals he has bone cancer  |
614  Coronavirus Could Change How We Shop, Travel and Work for Years  |
615  Europe is now the center of coronavirus pandemic, death toll has passed 5,000  |
616  Fear of coronavirus-tainted dollars pushing cashless society  |
617  Some churches refuse to close in wake of coronavirus despite warnings from governor  |
618  America begins to shut down across the Nation as virus spreads  |
619  Kentucky Governor recommends weekend church services be canceled over COVID-19  |
620  Italy confirms almost 200 deaths in the past 24 hours  |
621  Trump suspends ALL travel from Europe for 30 days  |
622  Tests indicate coronavirus can survive in the air up to 3 hours and on surfaces for 3 days  |
623  Televangelist Jim Bakker is being sued by Missouri AG for selling fake ‘coronavirus cure’  |
624  NYC coronavirus cases are exploding beyond containment  |
625  Italy just announced a mandatory quarantine on the entire country  |
626  UN Religion Expert Wants World Religions to Bow to UN Ideology  |
627  40% of Tehran’s Residents will Catch Coronavirus within Two Weeks  |
628  Italy reports largest one day death toll, Hospitals preparing for millions, older adults advised to stay home  |
629  Netanyahu calls COVID-19 most severe pandemic in 100 Years  |
630  Thousands wait for hospital beds in South Korea as coronavirus continue to surge  |
631  Vatican confirms first virus case, White House taking measures to protect Trump  |
632  Florida church says member diagnosed with coronavirus  |
633  High school football coach fired for praying after games loses again in federal court  |
634  Major Cities All Over The Globe Are Being Paralyzed By Fear From COVID-19  |
635  Texas ‘Church’ Announces Homosexuals Allowed to Lead, Pastors Can Officiate Same-Sex Ceremonies  |
636  Churches take precautions as WHO warns disease caused by coronavirus now deadlier than flu  |
637  Unexplained “Black Rain” is falling in Japan sparking fears and concerns  |
638  Supermoon to Appear on Purim, then Passover: ‘An Omen Signaling Imminent Return of Davidic Dynasty  |
639   Coronavirus claims another life in the US, Italy closes all schools, LA declares state of emergency  |
640  WHO warns Paper money may be spreading coronavirus  |
641  Netanyahu Wins Election After Rabbi Predicts He will be Israel’s Last Prime Minister before Messiah  |
642  Al-Shabaab warns all Christians to leave northeastern Kenya immediately  |
643  Korean Cult Church Leader Faces Murder Investigation After Being Accused For Spreading Virus in South Korea  |
644  4 More people have died of coronavirus in the US , 6 total  |
645  Children may be secret coronavirus carriers, Never seen like this before  |
646  COVID-19 continues to bring the world to its knees!  |
647  Nine pastors beaten by police in India for preaching the Gospel  |
648  Pope Francis cancels second day of engagements after being taken ill as coronavirus sweeps Italy  |
649  Google employee tests positive for the coronavirus, company restricts travel  |
650  Scholars claim End of the World” in 2021 uncovered in hidden Bible codes  |
651  Passover Lamb could be Sacrificed on Temple Mount for first Time in 2,000 Years  |
652  Japan to close schools nationwide to control spread of virus  |
653  Coronavirus Could Explode in U.S. Overnight Just Like in Italy  |
654  Ominous Warnings About The Very Rapid Spread Of The Coronavirus  |
655  Arabs are planning a ‘million-man march’ against Israel  |
656  South Korea and Vietnam ask millions to stay home to avoid infecting other with coronavirus  |
657  Coronavirus could empty shelves in some U.S. stores by mid-April  |
658  California is seeing an unusual dry spell that hasn’t been seen in 150 years  |
659  These 3 Giants are all sounding the alarm on the Coronavirus impact  |
660  10 Plagues That Are Hitting Our Planet Simultaneously  |
661  Senior Wuhan Doctor dies, 58 million on lockdown and $600 million destroyed to stop virus  |
662  Assembly Of God Church Departs Denomination, Goes Fully Inclusive For LBTQ Community  |
663  UPDATE: California Lawmakers Pass Measure Forcing Pastors to Embrace LGBT Ideology  |
664  Over 700 people in Washington being monitored due to coronavirus  |
665  Japan’s GDP Is Collapsing, And Experts Are Warning That China Will Be Next  |
666  Christian Witches” To Host Annual Convention In Salem On Easter Weekend  |
667  Christian Pastor Faces Criminal Investigation For Booklet Opposing Homosexuality  |
668  Apocalyptic Locust Plague Reaches Virus Infected China  |
669  Fall in new cases raises hope in virus outbreak in China  |
670  California pastor gives controversial “prophetic word” about Trump  |
671  Israel Gives Stern Warning To Iran, Will Retaliate With Military Force  |
672  Jim Bakker under fire for allegedly selling fake “coronavirus cures”  |
673  Kanye West Claims Record Contracts Prohibit Artists From Saying ‘Jesus’  |
674  Chinese dissident journalist disappears after reporting on coronavirus  |
675  Ex-Satanist claims he went to hell, converted to Christianity…  |
676  Global health authorities worried Coronavirus could explode out of control in Africa  |
677  At least 36 murdered, including Christian pastor in DRC  |
678  Saudi Arabia reports outbreak of highly pathogenic bird flu virus  |
679  Plague of locusts triggers national emergency in Pakistan  |
680  Millions Clapped and Cheered as Jennifer Lopez Replaced Jesus on the Cross and Worshiped as Goddess  |
681  Chinese authorities are now threatening to kill pets over coronavirus fears  |
682  Chinese Pastor Gives Chilling Update From Ground Zero of the Coronavirus  |
683  Mass stabbing on London street, terror suspect shot dead by police  |
684  At least 20 dead from stampede of Christians to get anointed by ‘Blessed Oil’  |
685  Rabbi Predicts Trump’s ‘Peace’ Deal Won’t Succeed Because Messiah Will Come First  |
686  Trump’s “Peace Plan” Would Double The Size Of Palestinian Territory And Give Them A Capital In East Jerusalem  |
687  Terrified passengers resorting to plastic bottles and bags to protect themselves against coronavirus  |
688  Trump’s Peace Deal Could Pave The Way For A Third Temple  |
689  Trump’s Peace Deal Could Pave The Way For A Third Temple  |
690  LGBTQ education now mandatory in N.J. schools. Teachers are now preparing.  |
691  China’s warns virus is ‘accelerating’, and country facing ‘grave situation’  |
692  NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant Dead at 41 in Helicopter Crash in California  |
693  Top medic who contracted Coronavirus says disease can be transmitted through the eyes.  |
694  Virginia Senate passes bill to let transgender people get new birth certificates  |
695  Mystery Virus In China Is ‘Adapting And Mutating’ And No Known Drug Works Against It  |
696  Mutant goat born with human-face worshipped as an “avatar of God”  |
697  Al-Aqsa mosque preacher warns Jerusalem will soon be “capital of global caliphate”  |
698  Woman Snaps Incredible Viral Photo of Cloud of ‘Jesus With His Arms Outstretched’  |
699  Mystery virus spreading between humans as 14 medics catch killer infection after treating patients  |
700  Prophecy General Jack Van Impe Has Gone To Heaven  |
701  Never-before-seen virus in China outbreak kills one, spreads to Thailand  |
702  World Health Organization warns hospitals worldwide that new China virus could spread  |
703  There Will Be A Rare “Blue Moon” Just 3 Days Before The U.S. Presidential Election  |
704  Rabbi Interrupts Netanyahu’s Speech to Remind him to Build Third Temple  |
705  After 20 years of marriage, pastor fatally stabs wife in church then takes own life  |
706  House passes War Powers Resolution in retaliation of Trump’s actions against Iran  |
707  How What’s Happening in America, Iran and Israel are Linked To The End of Days  |
708  Why is Erdogan Sending Troops to Libya? Is This Part of Plan to Recreate the Ottoman Empire?  |
709  UPDATE: Iran refuses to give black box from crashed Ukrainian airliner to Boeing  |
710  Nigerian pastor kidnapped by the Islamic terror group, Boko Haram.  |
711  Missiles Hit Base Where U.S. Troops Stationed In Iraq And Near U.S. Embassy  |
712  Elon Musk Says Putting AI Chip in Your Brain Will Be as Simple as Lasik  |
713  Descendants of Gog & Magog Join Russia and Iran in Joint Military Drill  |
714  Amazon threatens to fire employees who speak out on climate change  |
715  U.S. Airstrikes Hit Iranian-Backed Militias As The Pentagon Warns More Military Action May Be Coming  |
716  Russia now has a weapon that can travel 27 times the speed of sound  |
717  Iowa Man Sentenced to 15 Years After Burning LGBT Flag Hanging From Church  |
718  Nearly 200 evangelical leaders slam Christianity Today for questioning their Christian witness  |
719  Italian exorcist says society risks collapse due to ‘aggressive Satanism’  |
720  All-Girl ‘Boy’ Scout troops begin to roll out in latest changes to organization  |
721  2019 was banner year for credible UFO sightings  |
722  Megachurch Volunteer Sentenced to 75 Years for Abusing Young Boys at Church  |
723  Messianic Rabbi Says End-Times Prophecy Coming to Pass in Israel Right Now  |
724  Mexican model dies suddenly hours after plastic surgery operation  |
725  Man set to marry his sex robot girlfriend  |
726  Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj: If Trump Does Not Complete His Term “That Means The Time Of Grace Is Aborted”  |
727  Why Anti-Semitic Rick Wiles is making Jesus look bad  |
728  Megachurch pastor resigns over sex allegations with minors  |
729  LGBTQ Group Calls on Hallmark Channel to Broadcast a “Gay Christmas”  |
730  Gunmen storm church service killing at least 14 including pastor, children  |
731  Monkey infects human with fatal herpes strain in first case  |
732  Animals slaughtered and church sprayed with Demonic pentagrams  |
733  Newborn baby offered for sale in a Miami Craigslist Ad  |
734  Toronto calls preaching to homosexuals ‘hate activity,’ evicts Christians from city facility  |
735  Iran vows to ‘destroy’ US, Israel and Saudi Arabia if they cross ‘red lines’  |
736  Fossils showing snakes having legs prove Biblical account in Genesis  |
737  Woman sues Christian college after being expelled for being in same-sex marriage  |
738  Over 200 Israeli Rabbis Sign Letter Thanking Trump for “Fulfilling Prophecy of Jeremiah”  |
739  Atheist Group Issues Complaint Against Kanye’s Texas Prison Visit  |
740  Trans students given unrestricted access to bathrooms and locker rooms.  |
741  Netanyahu charged with bribery, breach of trust and fraud  |
742  Walmart Now Selling ‘A Children’s Book of Demons’  |
743  The US has about one million same-sex households  |
744  Tennessee school system under fire for promoting Christianity  |
745  Christians turn to artificial intelligence to stop porn use…  |
746  Doctors successfully freeze and revive human for the first time  |
747  Teen girl arrested in plot to attack a church in Georgia  |
748  Anal cancer cases related to HPV on the rise in the U.S.  |
749  Chinese Gov Using Facial and Fingerprint Scanning on Christians as They Enter Church  |
750  This Shocking Prophetic Practice Needs to Stop Right Now  |
751  Trump Admin Stands Against the World to Support Israeli Settlements  |
752  Genetically engineered babies ‘within two years’ as scientists make breakthrough  |
753  Coca-Cola commercial depicts transgender kids dressed in drag  |
754  San Antonio Satanic group kicks off charity drive: ‘Menstruatin’ with Satan’  |
755  ‘X’ now available as gender alternative on Washington licenses, IDs  |
756  ‘X’ now available as gender alternative on Washington licenses, IDs  |
757  Shocking California Sex Ed Videos Indoctrinate Young Children With Drag Queens and Explicit Sex Advice  |
758  Singer Won’t Perform Unless Salvation Army Embraces LGBT Agenda  |
759  Fish with human like face is taking internet by storm  |
760  Hong Kong protests have reached a new dangerous stage  |
761  Artificial Intelligence now predicting if you’ll die soon  |
762  LGBT group pushes for 20 percent of all television characters be LGBT by 2025  |
763  School teaches 6-year-old “there’s no such thing as boys and girls”  |
764  Moloch statue of child sacrifice on display at Colosseum, holy site for Christian martyrs  |
765  SC college student replaces campus card with microchip implant  |
766  Roman Catholic Churches Celebrating ‘Gay Pride’ Masses  |
767  Lesbian Minister Appointed New Head of National Abortion Federation  |
768  First case of dengue spread by sex confirmed in Spain  |
769  Support Same-Sex Weddings or Else! Christian Web Designer in Crosshairs  |
770  LGBTQ characters on U.S. Television reach all-time high  |
771  Worldwide push to replace US dollar with digital currency  |
772  GQ promoting ‘new masculinity,’ turning men into women  |
773  Harvest Bible Church formally disqualifies former pastor James MacDonald  |
774  “Jesus Is King” album has topped Billboard 200  |
775  Atheist Group Fights to Remove National Motto ‘In God We Trust’ from FL Patrol Cars  |
776  Thousands of Christians Face Exile or Extinction in Syria  |
777  Woman Bloodies 79-Year-Old Man With Stiletto Heel For Preaching On The Subway  |
778  Thousands Gave Their Lives to Christ at Kanye West’s Latest ‘Sunday Service’   |
779  DEVELOPING: Ebola outbreak feared in Bahamas as nation put on ‘high alert’  |
780  Megachurch Pastor Reacts to Kanye West’s Newfound Christian Faith, Tells Critics to ‘Shut Up’ and Pray For Him  |
781  Biden denied communion at South Carolina church over abortion stance  |
782  Former Devil Worshipper Encourages Churches Not to Celebrate but Evangelize on Halloween  |
783  Church in ‘shock’ after Florida pastor, father of 2 facing rape allegations, kills himself  |
784  Paula White Warns That Christians will ‘stand accountable before God’ if they vote against Trump  |
785  Russia To Test Its Ability to Disconnect from the Internet  |
786  After coming to Christ, Kanye West almost gave up rapping, which he allegedly called “the devil’s music.”  |
787  Growing plea for Catholic church to lift ban on female priests  |
788  Shocking Footage Emerges of Algerian Authorities Raiding Church And Forcefully Removing Pastors  |
789  Beyoncé Mass’ for black women to find healing and empowerment comes to two NYC churches  |
790  Video Emerges of Chinese Officials Bulldozing Another 3000-member Megachurch as Congregation Worshipped  |
791  Persecuted Believers in Hong Kong Worship With a Hymn as Chinese Officials Attack Them  |
792  Algerian Gov Officials Close Down Country’s Largest Christian Churches  |
793  China bans African students from worshiping i  |
794  DISTRESS OF NATIONS: Violent clashes strike Chile, Hong Kong, Lebanon and Barcelona  |
795  This Evil Megatrend Will Precede the Antichrist  |
796  Christians risk arrest if they display Bible in Saudi Arabia  |
797  China's Xi warns attempts to divide China will end in 'shattered bones'  |
798  Black clergy call for boycott of Word Network after white owner is accused of racial insensitivity  |
799  Brad Pitt Explains His Journey From Atheist Back To God  |
800  NASA issues plea of action on asteroid threat that could take Earth ‘entirely by surprise’  |
801  Pope Francis’ atheist friend claims pontiff told him Jesus incarnate was ‘not at all a God’  |
802  Democratic Presidential Candidate Says Churches Who Oppose Same Sex Marriage Will Lose Tax Exempt Status  |
803  Supreme Court Considers Whether Civil Rights Act Protects L.G.B.T. Workers  |
804  U.K. Christian Doctor Fired for Refusing to Use Preferred ‘Gender’ Pronouns Loses Legal Battle  |
805  Pope Francis Considers Expanding Priesthood to Include More Married Men  |
806  Former Atheist Who ‘Mocked’ Jesus Now Teaches at Christian Seminary: ‘The Gospel Has…Changed My Life’  |
807  Pastor and Police Chaplain Stabbed to Death Outside His Own Church  |
808  250,000 People Just Asked the Supreme Court to Overturn Legalized Abortion  |
809  They Knew That I Was a Christian’: Actress Lost Lead Role for Posting Christian Beliefs on Homosexuality  |
810  Singapore’s ‘fake news’ law takes effect as critics sound alarm  |
812  Oregon-based exorcist says demonic possession cases ‘are getting darker’  |
813  Brad Pitt no longer identifies as atheist, says he was just being ‘rebellious’  |
814  Senior IDF General: “We are Starting to Approach the Level of War” with Iran  |
815  Smart Phones, Computers Creating Generation Of Porn Addicts; Some States Call It ‘Public Health Emergency’  |
816  World’s Wealthiest Families Stockpiling Cash as Recession Fears Grow…  |
817  Baby born in India with four legs and three hands  |
818  Global Persecution Report Reveals That ‘Christians Are the Most Persecuted …And It’s Accelerating’  |
819  Religious Symbols Banned for Public Workers in Quebec  |
820  Trump to deliver ‘historic’ religious freedom speech at United Nations; evangelical leaders invited  |
821  Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster ‘Pastor’ Permitted to Mock God During ‘Invocation’ at Alaskan Assembly Meeting  |
822  Atheists protest ‘unconstitutional’ prayer breakfast at Georgia high school  |
823  Switzerland Supreme Court Denies Mother’s Right to Homeschool Her Son  |
824  The Iranian Church Is the Fastest Growing in the World  |
825  Worst-Ever Famine Threatens Zimbabwe as Economy Collapses  |
826  Millions may risk jail as Indonesia to outlaw sex outside marriage  |
827  Millions may risk jail as Indonesia to outlaw sex outside marriage  |
828  Facebook creates its own ‘Supreme Court’ to judge content ban appeals  |
829  Women can now legally go topless in Utah, 5 other states, after federal ruling  |
830  China makes churches replace Ten Commandments with Xi Jinping quotes  |
831  Arizona Supreme Court Rules Christian Artists Cannot Be Forced to Make Same-Sex Wedding Invitations in 4-3 Decision  |
832  Baptist Church Calls Transgender Pastor to Lead Ohio Congregation  |
833  Psychic’ Florida woman who promised to lift family curse sentenced for $1.6M scheme  |
834  Christian Couple in Cuba Imprisoned for Homeschooling Children  |
835  Robot priests will bless you, advise you, and even perform your funeral  |
836  Bishop George Bloomer Warns That Benny Hinn must clarify tithing teachings or offer ‘refund’ to those he misled  |
837  Beloved Pastor and Mental Health Advocate Tragically Takes His Own Life  |
838  Woman implants 26 microchips and magnets in her body  |
839  Fires destroy more than 4.2 million wild acres in Bolivia  |
840  Pompeo says Middle East peace plan coming in ‘weeks’  |
841  RUMORS OF WAR: IDF kicks off large exercise simulating war against Hezbollah  |
842  PROPHECY WATCH: Pro-3rd Temple Party Gets Decisive Boost in Polls in Israel  |
843  Country singer shares prayer on Twitter moments before fatal car crash  |
844  Rooster pecked woman to death in ‘rare’ attack  |
845  Chinese pastor shared Christian faith with 1,000 North Koreans before his execution  |
846  ‘Harry Potter’ books banned from Catholic school because reading spells ‘risk conjuring evil spirits’  |
847  The Days of Awe Are Fast Approaching: Your Time to Get Right with God  |
848  Netanyahu on flareup with Hezbollah: It was tense, but we achieved all our goals  |
849  Taylor Swift promotes bill that Christians say threatens religious liberty at VMA’s  |
850  Taylor Swift promotes bill that Christians say threatens religious liberty at VMA’s  |
851  Pastor sings ‘I Won’t Complain’ after 10-year-old daughter killed in crash  |
852  North Korean defector says cousin’s entire family executed for sharing Gospel  |
853  Todd Bentley sexual misconduct allegations widen to Pakistan  |
854  Churches Are Training, Arming Members with Guns in Wake of Mass Shootings  |
855  UPDATE: Gov’t can’t force Christians to make gay wedding videos, appeals court rules  |
856  An asteroid larger than some of the world’s tallest buildings will zip by Earth next month  |
857  Christian Hong Kong Protesters Turn Out in Thousands, Sing Famous Hymn in Defiance  |
858  RUMORS OF WAR: The Fighting Dramatically Escalates As Both Sides Prepare For “The Final War” Between Israel And Iran  |
859  Christian Song Leads Man to Confess to Murder  |
860  RUMORS OF WAR: Lebanese president says alleged Israeli strikes a ‘declaration of war’  |
861  UPDATE: Kim Davis can be sued for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples  |
862  Four Christians in Burkina Faso Executed by Islamic Extremists for Wearing Crosses  |
863  Fresh Fire leader Todd Bentley accused of ‘perverse sexual addiction,’ preying on interns  |
864  World’s deepest hole dubbed ‘well to hell’ revealed…  |
865  Dozens who lived in same neighborhood diagnosed with brain tumors…  |
866  Israel strikes Iranian force in Syria to stop ‘killer drones’  |
867  Four Nepalese Christians Arrested Under Anti-Conversion Law for Simply ‘Preaching Jesus’  |
868  85-year-old woman and 5 elderly men arrested for sex   |
869  Trump tweets lavish praise saying Israeli Jews love him like ‘the King of Israel’ and ‘the second coming of God’  |
870  Bond markets are sending one big global recession warning  |
871  Where is the News Media coverage of Christian genocide in Nigeria?  |
872  Outrage after California high-school students sang Nazi song and gave Hitler salute  |
873  Church Revokes Woman’s Membership for “Unrepentant Lesbianism”  |
874  Waiter ‘shot dead over slow sandwich service’  |
875  9 year-old boy makes his drag queen debut at pride march supported by his family  |
876  DISTRESS OF NATIONS: Protestors defy police in Hong Kong as crowds swell to 1.7 million  |
877  Your New Heart Could Be Made in China  |
878  UK Bus Driver Suspended After Allegedly Refusing to Drive Bus Supporting LBGTQ Pride Events  |
879  Chinese Government Continues to Dismantle House Churches in Fujian  |
880  DAYS OF LOT: California Imposes Secular Ideology on School Children Through 5th Grade  |
881  Sydney stabbing suspect yelling ‘Allahu akbar’ pinned to ground by bystanders with milk crate  |
882  Sydney stabbing suspect yelling ‘Allahu akbar’ pinned to ground by bystanders with milk crate  |
883  Hillsong Leader Denies Renouncing Faith, but Says He’s on ‘Incredibly Shaky Ground’  |
884  Hamas vows to rain missiles down on Israeli cities in next war  |
885  Woman implants her Tesla Model 3’s valet key into her arm  |
886  Illinois adopts law requiring LGBT history lessons to be taught in public schools  |
887  Arrogant’ son pushes BMW given to him into river because he wanted a Jaguar  |
888  Arrogant’ son pushes BMW given to him into river because he wanted a Jaguar  |
889  Kentucky bans abortions after fetal heartbeat is detected  |
890  FALLING AWAY: Hillsong Leader Announces He Wants No Part in Christianity Anymore  |
891  Oprah Says Shootings Result of Losing the ‘Core Moral Center’ Provided by Churches  |
892  Asteroid bigger than Eiffel Tower and more powerful than Hiroshima hurtling near Earth  |
893  Las Vegas man accused of plotting to bomb synagogues and LGBTQ bar  |
894  Man asked Walmart salesperson to help him find something ‘that would kill 200 people’  |
895  Is China Hoarding Food, Gold And Other Commodities In Anticipation Of A Global Collapse?  |
896  Man detained while filming himself walking into Walmart in Missouri carrying assault weapon and 100 rounds.  |
897  Man Says He Smokes Marijuana to Prepare for Jesus’ Return  |
898  FBI vows to be more aggressive monitoring social media for threats  |
899  Georgia woman’s viral rant says she’s infecting men with HIV  |
900  Supreme Court to Decide if Transgender Rights Prevail Over Christian-Based Businesses  |
901  SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Astronomers uncover ‘invisible’ massive ancient galaxies  |
902  China begins massing troops as Beijing prepares for a massacre in Hong Kong  |
903  Trump could Initiate Building of Third Temple as Head of Edom  |
904  Joshua Harris marches in pride parade after apologizing to LGBT community  |
905  Gay Hollywood Designer Describes Dramatic ‘Damascus Road’ Conversion to Christianity  |
906  Another Day, Another Missile launched by North Korea  |
907  NYC pastor accused of stealing $631K from charities to pay for vacations and bar tabs  |
908  Dayton Ohio shooting – Connor Betts, 24, shot dead 9 including his own SISTER and injured 27 with high-powered rifle  |
909  China Is Extremely Angry, And They Now Consider The United States To Be Enemy #1  |
910  Ohio Gunman Hailed Satan on Twitter, Wrote ‘I’m Going to Hell and I’m Not Coming Back’  |
911  China warns of retaliation after Trump threatens fresh tariffs  |
912  Apple News Bans Pro-Life Outlet for ‘Showing Intolerance’ Though No Explanation Was Given  |
913  Bible only thing not destroyed in shed fire in Murray County, GA  |
914  Chinese Town Officials to Monitor and Track Number of Christians  |
915  Abortion Pills Could Soon Be Available on Cali College Campus as Lawmakers Move Forward With Bill  |
916  North Korea says it tested crucial new rocket launch system  |
917  Facebook is getting closer to letting you type with just your thoughts  |
918  China’s capital orders Arabic and Muslim symbols taken down  |
919  Japanese University Invents ‘Robot God’ to Preach at Buddhist Temples  |
920  Significant rise of cartoons showing same-sex parents, gay marriage and general expressions of romantic non-binary expressions.  |
921   Top Rabbi in Israel says it’s time to build the “Third Temple”  |
922  ISIS Warns of Terror Strikes in San Francisco, New York and London  |
923  Six Turkish Christian Villages Burned to the Ground in Possible Arson Attack  |
924  A deadly fungal infection called candida auris is spreading across the globe, and no one knows how to stop it  |
925  6-year-old among three killed at garlic festival, 15 injured  |
926  Christian Street Preacher Wins Wrongful Arrest Payout After Being Arrested for ‘Islamophobia’  |
927  least 65 have been slaughtered at funeral in suspected Boko Haram attack  |
928  Starting Thursday, NJ will allow terminally ill patients to commit suicide with medical prescription  |
929  At Least 30 Pentecostal Christians Arrested During Community Prayer Meeting  |
930  Shots Fired at AG Church During Worship Service  |
931  More Than 80,000 Earthquakes Have Hit California Since July 4th, And The Aftershocks Are Headed “Toward The Garlock Fault”  |
932  More Than 80,000 Earthquakes Have Hit California Since July 4th, And The Aftershocks Are Headed “Toward The Garlock Fault”  |
933  An Evangelical Megachurch Is Sued for More Than $1 Million in Child Sexual Abuse Case  |
934  Ebola outbreak unstoppable as victims refuse treatment fearing govt ‘behind disease’…  |
935  North Korea more afraid of Christians than nuclear weapons, says formerly imprisoned pastor  |
936  Mom Still Fighting Courts After School Helped Minor Son Obtain Sex Change Without Parental Consent  |
937  Killer asteroid that just buzzed earth went nearly undetected  |
938  N. Korea says missile test was warning to South ‘warmongers’  |
939  Chinese Pastor Committed Suicide After Becoming ‘Exhausted’ With Government Control  |
940  A 13-Year-Old Girl Tragically Drowned And Laid On The Bottom Of A Swimming Pool For 30 Minutes – What She Saw Next Will Astound You…  |
941  Iran fires ballistic missile 1,000km in provocative test amid tanker row with US and UK  |
942  Drug-Resistant parasites spreading across Asia  |
943  RUMORS OF WAR: Turkish military chiefs discuss possible offensive in Syria  |
944  Priest who said he urinated in communion wine, was attracted to satanism gets 25 years for child porn  |
945  North Korea fires ‘missiles’, into the East Sea  |
946  The rise of the Satanic Temple in Canada  |
947  China-Russia joint exercise sends a message to Washington  |
948  Veterans Charity Founder Says YouTube Video Was Censored for Containing ‘Christian’ Keyword  |
949  Woman Forced to Close Business After Refusing to Wax Genitals of Trans Person – 15 Others Could be Next  |
950  Islamic Extremists Using Social Media to Target Christians  |
951  Indian Christians Brutally Attacked by Hindus During Worship Service  |
952  Oxnard Couple Arrested After Allegedly Strangling Newborn Baby Inside Hospital  |
953  World at risk of Ebola ‘plane plague’ spreading on flights…  |
954  WAR DRUMS: The U.S. Is Staging Troops At A Key Saudi Military Base That It Used During All Of Our Previous Middle East Wars  |
955  Christianity Is an Evil Cult’: Chinese Schools Urging Kids to Report Christian Relatives  |
956  PROPHECY WATCH: Hundreds of Jewish Immigrants Come Home to Israel this Summer  |
957  Doctor Breaks Down the Complexities of Human Body That Prove God  |
958  WAR DRUMS: Saudi Arabia urges global action against Iran after UK tanker seized  |
959  WAR DRUMS: Hezbollah Moves Troops To The Israeli Border As It Prepares To Attack If A U.S.-Iran War Breaks Out  |
960  Fired Christian doctor warns trans agenda being ‘pushed’ on society  |
961  Muslims Getting Saved and Miraculously Healed as They Go to Christian Healing Rooms  |
962  Strong 5.1 earthquake strikes Greek capital of Athens sending people running into the streets  |
963  WAR DRUMS: Iran seizes British oil tanker in the Gulf with 23 crew on board days after clash with Royal Navy  |
964  Many Californians fear “The Big One” is on the way.  |
965  Conspiracy theorists to now storm Bermuda Triangle after Area 51 plans  |
966  California city will remove gender terms, including ‘manhole’ and ‘manemad,’ from municipal code to prevent people from being offended  |
967  Christians Forced to ‘Reconvert,’ Bow Down to Goddess Idols  |
968  Iran threatens Britain with retaliation over seizure of an Iranian oil tanker near Gibraltar  |
969  GA Couple Married for More Than 70 Years, Dies on the Same Day  |
970  Ebola outbreak in Congo declared a global health emergency  |
971  US ‘to deploy 500 troops to expanding Saudi Arabian air base’ to front-up to Iran   |
972  NASA Forecasters warn Earth will be struck by massive solar flares within the next 10 years  |
973  Ebola outbreak spreads to new city where over one million people live…  |
974  Four Christians Singled Out for Wearing Crosses, Executed in Northern Burkina Faso  |
975  More than 4000 Swedes have taken implants in their hands to replace cash, credit cards  |
976  Nasrallah warns Israel could be ‘wiped out’ in war between US and Iran  |
977  Birds are falling from the sky, bleeding from their eyes and beaks  |
978  New Survey Shows Drastic Decline in Number of Brits Who Identify as Christians  |
979  Billionaires are building underground bunkers for nuclear doomsday  |
980  Top US Psychology Group Pushes Polyamory, Sex with NO Boundaries  |
981  Chinese Christians are fighting back! ‘God Grants the Right to Worship’  |
982  Revival Exploding in Sri Lanka 2 Months After Horrific Easter Church Bombings  |
983  Mother Sues Hospital for Not Telling Her That Her Baby Had Down Syndrome, Said She Would Have Aborted  |
984  FALLING AWAY: Only 2.8% of American Pastors Are Willing to Preach These Biblical Truths  |
985  Massive, kilometer-sized asteroid was just found orbiting the Sun  |
986  Iran regime arrests 8 Christians, sending them to solitary confinement  |
987  14-year-old boy arrested over alleged rape in Germany  |
988  Chinese Christians flee China amid crackdown on church: ‘No longer safe for us’  |
989  Naked Woman Calling Herself ‘the Devil’ With ‘Strength of Four Grown Men’ Breaks Into Family’s New Home  |
990  Rabbi Who Prophesied California’s 6.4 Earthquakes Releases New Bombshell Prediction  |
991  NASA Warns Violent Explosions On Sun’s Surface Will Increase  |
992  Publishers warn tariffs could cause “Bible Shortage”  |
993  Terrifying Footage Shows Thousands of Religious Minorities Held in Chinese ‘Thought Transformation’ Camps  |
994  Will Amazon Ban the Bible Next?  |
995  RUMORS OF WAR: Iran warns US it will turn Gulf into ‘sea of blood’  |
996  FALLING AWAY: Church of England says it will recognize marriages of transgender worshipers  |
997  11 Prophecies Of The Giant Earthquake That Will Cause Large Parts Of California To Fall Into The Pacific Ocean  |
998  Heat Wave continues to scorch Europe at 114 degrees  |
999  White House finally unveils ‘Peace to Prosperity’ economic plan for Palestinians  |
1000  Trade, climate change, Iran focus as G-20 leaders meet  |
1001  G20, ID2020, Agenda 2030, and the Mark of the Beast, what do they all have in common?  |
1002  NATO gives Putin 28 days to axe intermediate nukes or else…  |
1003  US volcano alert level raised after California earthquake and ‘increased seismicity’  |
1004  The Magnitude 6.4 Quake was not the ‘The Big One’? Scientists Assure Us A Much Larger California Earthquake Is Coming  |
1005  Italian socialist Sassoli to be president of EU Parliament  |
1006  Nuclear war fears as Russia pulls out from key treaty with the United States  |
1007  Scientists warn against creating human-monkey hybrids  |
1008  Egypt Legalizes 127 Churches in Sweeping Approval  |
1009  Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp DOWN: Apps crash for users across the UK and the US  |
1010  How the AI Antichrist Is on Its Way to Ruling Our Lives  |
1011  New Israeli research may allow humans to choose their children’s sex  |
1012  Four asteroids on collision course with Earth  |
1013  Suicide rates at highest level since World War II…  |
1014  Christian families forced from home as Hindu mob demands they renounce Christ  |
1015  Newly Consecrated Gay Bishop Declares God Is A Woman  |
1016  A Sign of Dark Times to Come’: Brunson Warns Christians in Turkey Bracing for Persecution  |
1017  Minneapolis church, Michigan minister expelled over support of gay marriage  |
1018  Thousands gather at Stonewall in NY 50 years after gay uprising  |
1019  3 million evangelicals march in Brazil: ‘Our country belongs to Jesus’  |
1020  Bishop plans to spray murder-plagued city with holy water from helicopter to ‘get rid of the devil’  |
1021  ISIS supporters threaten to bomb London and NY ahead of Fourth of July  |
1022  The London Zoo is celebrating Pride month in honor of its gay penguins  |
1023  UPDATE: California Lawmakers Pass Measure Forcing Pastors to Embrace LGBT Ideology  |
1024  Christian Village in Mali ‘Virtually Wiped Out’ After Jihadists Massacre 100 Men, Women, Children  |
1025  While Iran, US Go Head-to-Head, Iranians Are Turning Their Hearts to Jesus  |
1026  Largest US Presbyterian Denomination to Ordain First Non-Binary Person as Minister  |
1027  Iranian Official: Iran Will Put America In ‘Garbage Bin Of History,’ ‘Erase’ Israel ‘From The Face Of The Earth’  |
1028  PROPHECY WATCH :Is Facebook’s Cryptocurrency a Major Sign of the End Times?  |
1029  Condom Relay Races for 10-Year-Old Schoolgirls – CA Parents Outraged Over New Explicit Sex Lessons  |
1030  LGBT “Pride Parade” advocates say “Pride Parade” is safest place for Children  |
1031  Elton John claims Politicians who oppose LGBTQ are ‘Away From God’  |
1032  Moderate earthquake shakes up capital of Rome, ‘felt in Croatia and San Marino’  |
1033  Presbyterian ‘Church’ Caretaker Dresses in Drag, Reads Story on ‘Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag’ During Service  |
1034  US missionary accused of pretending to be doctor, causing hundreds of Ugandan children to die  |
1035  US missionary accused of pretending to be doctor, causing hundreds of Ugandan children to die  |
1036  Prepare and Position Yourselves for the Tumultuous 2020s  |
1037  ‘Passion of the Christ’ Actor Jim Caviezel Says Mary ‘Guided’ His Career, Film Depicts Her as ‘Co-Redemptrix’  |
1038  Mutant DNA-edited babies created by ‘Frankenstein’ scientist ‘secretly born in China’  |
1039  US struck Iranian military computers this week  |
1040  US struck Iranian military computers this week  |
1041  Bank of America CEO: ‘We Want a Cashless Society’  |
1042  Madonna says Jesus supports abortion, wants to change Catholic Church’s position  |
1043  Swedish council bans school and government employees from praying at work  |
1044  China forces churches to sing Communist anthems and bans Christian hymns  |
1045  Little Girl Traumatized as School Teaches 6-Year-Olds ‘There Is No Such Thing as Girls and Boys’  |
1046  WAR DRUMS: U.S. Expected to Strike Back for Iran’s Downing of Drone  |
1047  WAR DRUMS: Putin warns the US that war with Iran would be ‘catastrophic’  |
1048  Mastercard introduces the “True Name” card in honor of LGBTQIA+  |
1049  Mastercard introduces the “True Name” card in honor of LGBTQIA+  |
1050  Russia warns the US to Drop Middle East troop plan and stop provoking Iran  |
1051  LGBTQ Indoctrination Aimed At Kids  |
1052  New Zealand Government Website Eliminates ‘Israel’, Replaces with ‘Palestine’  |
1053  China warns about opening ‘Pandora’s Box’ in Middle East  |
1054  Trump threatens to deport millions beginning next week  |
1055  Welcome to Gay Hell, Michigan, where only pride flags are allowed to fly  |
1056  Facebook unveils ‘its most invasive and dangerous form of surveillance yet’ with launch of Libra cryptocurrency  |
1057  Keep Your Beliefs at Home’  |
1058  Michigan flies Pride flags on state building for first time  |
1059  New York City sets aside $250,000 to fund abortions  |
1060  War Drums: US to send 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East as tensions escalate with Iran  |
1062  PA: 'We have foiled Trump's peace plan'  |
1063  Atheist group demands Alabama school stop holding baptisms on campus  |
1064  Openly gay reporter presses Iran's top diplomat on death penalty for homosexuals  |
1065  WAR DRUMS: US Blames Iran for ‘blatant assault’ on oil tankers in Gulf of Oman  |
1066  Earth is approaching the same “meteor swarm” that may have caused an entire forest to explode in 1908  |
1067  Tel Aviv Pride Parade kicks off with 250,000 attendants celebrating  |
1068  Lake County church hosting 3-day ‘Make America Straight Again’ event  |
1069  China vows to develop ties with Iran after attack on tankers  |
1070  ‘In God We Trust’: Supreme Court Rejects Atheist Effort to Remove God  |
1071  New York Lawmakers Introduce First Statewide Bill To Decriminalize Sex Work  |
1072  Chinese Christians memorize entire Bible in prison: Gov’t ‘can’t take what’s hidden in your heart’  |
1073  Trump’s White House Won’t Acknowledge June As LGBT Pride Month, Even As Everyone Else Does.  |
1074  Church’s Rental Money to Be Used to Fund LGBT Events  |
1075  Boko Haram Reportedly Issues Dire Warning to Christians in Niger: ‘Leave or Be Killed’  |
1076  Botswana decriminalizes homosexuality in landmark ruling  |
1077  UPDATE: Attorney Claims Mexican Megachurch Leader Is ‘Victim’ of ‘High-Tech Hit Job’  |
1078  7,000 Churches Fasting, Praying Over Terrifying New Persecution Law  |
1079  Trump Calls on Twitter to Stop Banning Conservatives  |
1080  Trump Just Poked The Dragon In The Eye, And U.S.-China Relations Just Took An Ominous Turn For The Worse  |
1081  UPDATE: Some U.S. embassies are still hoisting rainbow flags, despite advisory from Washington  |
1082  Thousands expected in Indianapolis for Pride Festival this weekend  |
1083  Trump administration denies embassies’ requests to fly pride flag on flagpoles  |
1084  Congressional Candidate In Virginia Admits He’s A Pedophile  |
1085  California city approves adding ‘In God We Trust’ to police and fire vehicles  |
1086  Pastor Arrested for Preaching Against Homosexuality  |
1087  Ahead of Jerusalem Pride, police say they’re recruiting transgender officers  |
1088  Christians surprise Pride parade marchers with signs apologizing for anti-LGBTQ views  |
1089  Openly lesbian bishop says Christians and Muslims pray to the same God.  |
1090  Iran is ‘six months away from an atomic bomb’  |
1091  Pope Francis Approves Change To Lord’s Prayer  |
1092  International Megachurch Leader Charged With Child Rape, Other Sex Crimes  |
1093  Several US states consider legislation to decriminalise prostitution  |
1094  How Jezebel Seeks to Destroy God-Ordained Gender Roles  |
1095  World’s Longest Bible in 3,333 Paintings Stretched Out in Massive Loop on National Mall  |
1096  Church as Usual Is Coming to an End—and Prophetic Churches Must Emerge to Fill the Void  |
1097  Gay Pride Parade Bans Gay Police Officers From Marching in Uniform  |
1098  They Burned Me, But I Didn’t Burn’: Iraqi Christian Attacked By ISIS Recalls Miraculous Survival  |
1099  Disney threatens to boycott Georgia over heartbeat abortion ban  |
1100  FALLING AWAY: First openly gay Orthodox rabbi ordained in Jerusalem  |
1101  Megachurch Pastor Caught in Alleged Ponzi Scheme  |
1102  Sign of Last Days? NASA Discovers Moon Shrinking, Shaking  |
1103  Satanic Temple Rejects Supreme Court Ruling on Aborted Baby Bodies, Claims Religious Freedom  |
1104  ISIS Beheads Four Christian Children?  |
1105  ‘Gift from God:’ Alabama governor bans nearly all abortions  |
1106  ‘Gift from God:’ Alabama governor bans nearly all abortions  |
1107  Morgan Stanley says economy is on ‘recession watch’ as bond market flashes warning  |
1108  Navy Pilots Report Unexplained Flying Objects  |
1109  World Health Organisation drops transgender from list of mental disorders  |
1110  More Syrian Refugees Convert After Seeing Jesus in a Dream  |
1111  More Syrian Refugees Convert After Seeing Jesus in a Dream  |
1112  RUMORS OF WAR: US politician warns that President Trump is “on the brink of war” with Iran  |
1113  Franklin Graham Asks Christians Nationwide to Pray for President Trump June 2  |
1114  Over 140 Christians Detained in Eritrea Amid Fresh Government Crackdown  |
1115  Florida State Rep. Says God Has Told Him To Introduce Abortion Bill Which Allows No Exceptions.  |
1116  DAYS OF LOT: First Same-Sex Couples Marry in Taiwan  |
1117  BREAKING: Terror fears as ‘parcel bomb’ explosion injures 13 in Lyon  |
1118  States Sue Trump Admin Over Clinicians’ Right to Decline Abortions on Religious Grounds  |
1119  States Sue Trump Admin Over Clinicians’ Right to Decline Abortions on Religious Grounds  |
1120  World War 3 warning: Nuclear war risk highest in DECADES - UN alert  |
1121  World War 3 warning: Nuclear war risk highest in DECADES - UN alert  |
1122  RUMORS OF WAR: Taiwan holds ‘Largest’ military drill in years over invasion panic  |
1123  Mile-Wide ‘Walnut’ Asteroid With Its Own Moon To Fly By Earth Saturday  |
1124  Widow sues Boeing for $276m over Ethiopian crash  |
1125  How Measles Outbreaks and the Crisis in Venezuela Prove We’re in the End Times  |
1126  Nigerian pastor, 16 worshipers kidnapped by gunmen who stormed choir practice  |
1127  Nigerian pastor, 16 worshipers kidnapped by gunmen who stormed choir practice  |
1128  Christian Broadcaster Daystar’s Jerusalem Studio Destroyed by Firebomb  |
1129  Democrats Remove ‘So Help Me God’ From Oath  |
1130  Iran Accelerates Production of Enriched Uranium as Tensions Rise  |
1131  Trump vows to ‘end’ Iran if it threatens the US again…  |
1132  Trump vows to ‘end’ Iran if it threatens the US again…  |
1133  China’s currency is sending a warning signal about the trade war  |
1134  Agnostic Teens Turn to Christ in Stunning Street Conversion  |
1135  The coming civil war over abortion  |
1136  WAR DRUMS: Iran-US relations on knife edge as Tehran accuses Trump of ‘propaganda warfare’  |
1137  Christ-like figure appears in clouds over Argentina sparking religious frenzy  |
1138  Terrifying’ Ebola epidemic out of control in DRC  |
1139  Terrifying’ Ebola epidemic out of control in DRC  |
1140  Democratic Lawmaker: God Does Not Belong in Congress  |
1141  DEVELOPING: Legal battle heats up as more states test strict abortion bans  |
1142  Britain warns US of ‘unintended’ escalation in conflict with Iran as Trump sends bombers to the Gul  |
1143  Satan Has Devastated Majority of Christian Men With This ‘Nuclear Attack’  |
1144  RUMORS OF WAR: Trump Administration Prepares Multiple Military Options for Iran  |
1145  RUMORS OF WAR: Islamic Jihad leader expects war with Israel to break out next summer  |
1146  RUMORS OF WAR: Islamic Jihad leader expects war with Israel to break out next summer  |
1147  Antichrist May Be an AI-Driven, Super-Intelligent Being With Malicious Intent  |
1148  Gunmen open fire at mass service – priest among six dead  |
1149  Gunmen open fire at mass service – priest among six dead  |
1150  ’11 soldiers’ killed as Islamic State launches fresh attack in Borno  |
1151  ’11 soldiers’ killed as Islamic State launches fresh attack in Borno  |
1152  Christian persecution at 'near GENOCIDAL levels' according to shocking new report  |
1153  CHRISTIANITY CRACKDOWN: Priest told to pay $2,900 or face terror attack on his church  |
1154  CHRISTIANITY CRACKDOWN: Priest told to pay $2,900 or face terror attack on his church  |
1155  RUMORS OF WAR: Iran has ‘means and will’ for worldwide catastrophe if Trump attacks  |
1156  Israel’s Push to Get the Bible on the Moon  |
1157  Israel’s Push to Get the Bible on the Moon  |
1158  What You Need to Know About the Newly Minted Satanic Temple ‘Religion’  |
1159  What You Need to Know About the Newly Minted Satanic Temple ‘Religion’  |
1160  U.S. warns merchant ships of possible Iranian attacks in Middle East  |
1161  Unborn Babies Are Not Human? CNN Debate Leads to Stunning Declaration: ‘That Is Not a Human Being’  |
1162  RUMORS OF WAR: UK must ‘consider the UNTHINKABLE’ warns military expert  |
1163  GENERATION JIHAD 45,000 ISIS-raised kids ‘are a ticking time bomb’ that will one day wage terror around the world, EU anti-terror chief warns  |
1164  ‘I Hate…All These Christians Who Hate Gays’: Details Emerge About Suspects in Deadly CO School Shooting  |
1165  RUMORS OF WAR: Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leader Calls Recent Hostilities “Live-Fire Drill” for Upcoming War  |
1166  Terrified by Spread of Christianity, Iranian Politician Orders Mass Interrogation of Christians  |
1167  Did Pope Francis Just Call for a One-World Government?  |
1168  Boko Haram kidnaps pastor, churchgoers on their way to evangelize and deliver aid  |
1169  UPDATE: B-52s added to aircraft carrier strike group rushing to Middle East to confront Iran threats  |
1170  Something strange is happening off the coast of Portugal, Tectonic plate may have peeled apart  |
1171  Nature is declining at an ‘Unprecedented’ rate,  |
1172  Britain edges towards cashless future, Sweden urges citizens to stockpile change in case of power cuts, cyber-attack or war  |
1173  Iran’s Intelligence Minister Admits Christianity is Spreading in ‘Parts’ of His Country  |
1174  Nasa begins preparing for arrival of huge asteroid named “god of chaos”  |
1175  Netanyahu says he’s ordered IDF to continue ‘massive strikes’ in Gaza  |
1176  Over 100 rockets launched into Israel from Gaza; Iron Dome intercepts dozens  |
1177  Gaza and Israel hostilities flare with rocket attacks and air strikes  |
1178  ‘I Worshipped Many Gods’: How Jesus Turned This Ex-Witch Into a Prophetic Worship Leader  |
1179  Ebola outbreak deaths top 1,000 in Congo  |
1180  DISTRESS OF NATIONS: Fighting in southern Tripoli kills 187, more than 1,000 wounded  |
1181  Abortion doctors could soon be jailed in US  |
1182  DEVELOPING: Black Death pandemic fears after ‘disease found on plane’ – two dead  |
1183  The Canadian Government Is Now a Dangerous Big Brother  |
1184  Christian Persecution Is Nearing ‘Genocide Levels’  |
1185  ‘We’re in the End Times’: Why Satan Worship Is on the Rise in Pop Culture  |
1186  Oxford University professor claims aliens are already breeding with humans on earth  |
1187  Witches Are Infiltrating Churches at Alarming Rate  |
1188  ‘I Had My Road to Damascus Moment’  |
1189  Stunning ‘Flash of Light’ at the Moment of Conception  |
1190  ISIS cells plotting ’enemy strikes’ after Sri Lanka attack, America is #1 target  |
1191  Christians and Jews Should Be ‘Locked Up’ According to Speaker at Harvard Diversity Conference  |
1192  FALLING AWAY: XXXchurch Pastor Craig Gross promotes ‘Christian Cannabis,’ says weed makes it easier to worship  |
1193  ‘Hero’ Synagogue Victim Died Saving Her Rabbi  |
1194  God Could Wipe Out Temple Mount With Earthquake, Rockets in Order to Build Third Temple  |
1195  Canada Releases ‘Gay Coin’ to Celebrate LGBTQ2 Anniversary  |
1196  Self-Proclaimed ‘Christian Minister’ Tells the NYT the Crucifixion Story is ‘Nuts’ and Didn’t Happen  |
1197  IRS Officially Recognizes Satanic Temple as a Church  |
1198  Minutes after Sunday School class said they would die for Christ, half killed in Sri Lankan bomb blast  |
1199  Thousands of Boy Scout leaders accused of child sex abuse  |
1200  Thousands of Boy Scout leaders accused of child sex abuse  |
1201  Sri Lankan suicide bombers film themselves pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi before carrying out terror attack  |
1202  Sri Lankan suicide bombers film themselves pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi before carrying out terror attack  |
1203  More than 85 bomb detonators found at main Sri Lanka bus station  |
1204  US Measle Outbreak races toward levels not seen in 25 years  |
1205  Christians slaughtered by Fulani militants at baby dedication; children among the dead  |
1206  Iran appoints fiery general who vows to destroy Israel as new IRGC head  |
1207  US government says ‘several’ Americans among the dead in Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka  |
1208  13 killed and many injured after wall collapsed in South Africa at start of Easter service  |
1209  Easter Bombings Kill at Least 138 in Sri Lanka  |
1210  Doctor Reveals Shocking Medical Details About Crucifixion That Helped Him Fully Appreciate Christ’s Suffering  |
1211  North Korea says it tested new weapon, wants Pompeo out of talks  |
1212  How Pornography Is Affecting Single Men  |
1213  UPDATE: Cause of devastating blaze revealed by French police  |
1214  Maryland man arrested for allegedly knowingly transferring HIV to women  |
1215  Kushner says Trump “peace plan” to be unveiled in June  |
1216  When you die ‘you know you’re dead because your brain keeps working’, scientist claims  |
1217  Notre Dame Cathedral Devastated, but Despite the Inferno, Cross Remains  |
1218  Joaquin Phoenix is playing Jesus in the upcoming film, refused to perform one of the miracles recorded in the Gospels.  |
1219  Virginia school recognizes celebration of transgender students in kindergarten class  |
1220  23 year-old Sunday School teacher sentenced to 50 years in prison for molesting multiple children  |
1221  New book claims 80 percent of priests in the Vatican are gay  |
1222  Massive fire breaks out in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris  |
1223  Massive fire breaks out in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris  |
1224  RUMORS OF WAR: Trump administration may be laying legal groundwork for military action against Iran  |
1225  PROPHECY WATCH: Why Parents Will Run to Get the Mark of the Beast for Their Kids  |
1226  How This Ungodly Habit Is Destroying Your Family  |
1227  Satanic Temple challenges Missouri abortion law  |
1228  Half of Pastors Afraid of Speaking on Controversial Issues, Offending Congregation  |
1229  Half of Pastors Afraid of Speaking on Controversial Issues, Offending Congregation  |
1230  Scientists develop clairvoyant machine capable of PREDICTING FUTURE  |
1231  Netanyahu Wakes Up to Victory After Most of Israel’s Votes Counted  |
1232  SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Black hole picture captured for first time in space ‘breakthrough’  |
1233  Openly Gay Charismatic Worship Leader Performs Lauren Daigle Song on ‘American Idol’  |
1234  Rev. E.W. Jackson on Chicago's Lesbian Mayor: 'If God Calls It an Abomination, It's an Abomination'  |
1235  Rev. E.W. Jackson on Chicago's Lesbian Mayor: 'If God Calls It an Abomination, It's an Abomination'  |
1236  Launch date for Trump peace plan depends on Israeli election outcome – report  |
1237  Launch date for Trump peace plan depends on Israeli election outcome – report  |
1238  Bill to force college campuses to provide ‘abortion pills’ advances in California  |
1239  Bill to force college campuses to provide ‘abortion pills’ advances in California  |
1240  Could the Antichrist Be Artificial Intelligence Instead of a Real Person?  |
1241  Major study debunks myth that moderate drinking can be healthy  |
1242  A mysterious and new germ is quietly spreading across the Globe  |
1243  A mysterious and new germ is quietly spreading across the Globe  |
1244  Fined $55,000 for calling a male a male  |
1245  Fined $55,000 for calling a male a male  |
1246  Transgender woman sues McDonald’s for discrimination; claims incorrect pronouns used  |
1247  Transgender woman sues McDonald’s for discrimination; claims incorrect pronouns used  |
1248  Amazon is leading the march toward a cashless society  |
1249  Amazon is leading the march toward a cashless society  |
1250  Man Threatens to Kill Pro-Trump Pastor, Burn Down Christian Churches ‘In the Name of Allah’  |
1251  Dozens of Hollywood celebrities oppose latest abortion bill in Georgia  |
1252  Zuckerberg agrees that Facebook should be more government regulated  |
1253  US slammed at UN Security Council for recognizing Golan as Israeli  |
1254  US slammed at UN Security Council for recognizing Golan as Israeli  |
1255  Trump adviser warns Russia on military presence in Venezuela  |
1256  BREAKING: Man Detained For Alleged Threat To Murder Trump, Blow Up Pentagon, Report Says  |
1257  BREAKING: Man Detained For Alleged Threat To Murder Trump, Blow Up Pentagon, Report Says  |
1258  Perilous times for Mozambican children impacted by cyclone  |
1259  7 injured, including 2 infants, in Gaza rocket attack on central Israel  |
1260  7 injured, including 2 infants, in Gaza rocket attack on central Israel  |
1261  United Airlines now offering non-binary gender options ‘throughout all booking channels’  |
1262  Ongoing Slaughter of Nigerian Christians Receives Scant Media Coverage  |
1263  Israeli leaders gush over Trump’s Golan recognition, ‘a Purim miracle’  |
1264  ISIS caliphate has crumbled and last stronghold liberated  |
1265  Christian Mom Receives Backlash for Telling Gay Man on Live TV His Lifestyle ‘Is a Choice’  |
1266  Nigeria genocide: 9 more, including children, killed by armed men in Kaduna; houses burned  |
1267  Nigeria genocide: 9 more, including children, killed by armed men in Kaduna; houses burned  |
1268  Putin signs laws punishing online media and individuals for spreading “fake news” or material insulting to Russian officials.  |
1269  Woman gives birth to six babies in just nine minutes defying one in 4.7 billion odds  |
1270  Deadly plague strikes Africa, Several dead  |
1271  Instagram, Facebook Outages Reveal America’s Epidemic Porn Problem  |
1272  Former ‘Prince of ISIS’ Turns to Christ After a God Dream: ‘I Saw a Love That Didn’t Exist in Islam’  |
1273  Israel Erased From Map Displayed at Georgia Middle School  |
1274  Israel Erased From Map Displayed at Georgia Middle School  |
1275  Church Paid People to Pretend God Healed Them  |
1276  These Objects May Be Opening Your Home to Demons  |
1277  Russia says it’s going to arm a submarine with 6 nuclear ‘doomsday’ devices  |
1278  ‘American Idol’ Departs from Hollywood by Celebrating Christian Faith  |
1279  THE DAYS OF DANIEL-Christians in Kazakhstan Fined for Praying Without Permission  |
1280  THE DAYS OF DANIEL-Christians in Kazakhstan Fined for Praying Without Permission  |
1281  Jetliner Crashes in Ethiopia, Killing 157 From 35 Countries  |
1282  The Drive Towards a One World Government!  |
1283  The Drive Towards a One World Government!  |
1284  Congregation Reports Seeing Jesus in the Smoke After Fire Destroys Church  |
1285  Congregation Reports Seeing Jesus in the Smoke After Fire Destroys Church  |
1286  Venezuela hit by major blackout, government blames ‘sabotage’  |
1287  Venezuela hit by major blackout, government blames ‘sabotage’  |
1288  Gay UMC pastor to conduct same-sex weddings despite Traditional Plan passage  |
1289  Gay UMC pastor to conduct same-sex weddings despite Traditional Plan passage  |
1290  Outrageous!’ Disturbing New Video Game Allows Players to Simulate Rape, Murder of Women  |
1291  Mass arrests of Chinese megachurch members continue; some ‘violently beaten’  |
1292  'I've Seen Jesus': This Guy Made Three Trips to Heaven, and the People He Saw There Will Astound You  |
1293  Bible Prophecy coming true? Third Temple in Jerusalem ‘on the table’ proves Jesus’ return  |
1294  ‘Cussing Pastor’ defends twerking contest held at church, tells critics ‘f*** you’  |
1295  Two-Month-Old, Pregnant Women Among Those Caught Up in Brutal Arrests at Chinese Megachurch  |
1296  Are we on the verge of World War 3?  |
1297  Every Ontario Elementary School Forced to Fly Gay Pride Flag  |
1298  'I Saw These Swirling Lights': Double Lung Transplant Pastor Says He Died, Went to Heaven, Heard Jesus  |
1299  South African pastor facing lawsuits over alleged resurrection  |
1300  India prepares for war, 14,000 bunkers are built along Pakistan border as the nations prepare their military  |
1301  A man volunteered to have a chip inserted under his skin live on stage at a trade show this week  |
1302  Chinese authorities blow up Christian megachurch with dynamite  |
1303  United Methodist Church upholds position against homosexuality, same-sex marriage  |
1304  Beer at Church? What You Need to Know About the Latest Congregational Trend  |
1305  Texas ‘prophet’ followers call ‘Jesus in the flesh’ shown in sex tape with multiple women  |
1306  Now I’d Die for Jesus’: Muslim Man Plotted to Kill Christian Cousin Before Christ Appeared in Dream  |
1307  Jesus was a ‘sorcerer,’ Bible a ‘book of magic,’ say Christian witches ahead of first annual convention  |
1308  Decoding the Antichrist and the End Times  |
1309  Police Warn Parents About Dangerous New 48 Hour Social Media Challenge for Kids  |
1310  Raising Sparrow: Not a boy or a girl. This Florida family is raising a gender-neutral ‘theyby’  |
1311  Meet the Canadian Preacher Who Doesn’t Believe in God  |
1312  Sanhedrin Calls for Nations To Observe Sexual Purity for Role in Third Temple  |
1313  Iran unveils new cruise missile on 40th anniversary of revolution  |
1314  Man suing his parents for giving birth to him without his consent  |
1315  New Jersey becomes second state to require schools to teach LGBT history  |
1316  United Methodist Church Next In Line To Fall As General Assembly Set To Unveil The ‘One Church Plan’ To Include Unrepentant LGBTQ Members  |
1317  Disney Is Holding A Pride Parade At One Of Its Theme Parks For The First Time Ever  |
1318  California Megachurch Pastor Takes Own Life After Dealing With 'Mental Health Challenges'  |
1319  New York enacts law to ban transgender discrimination  |
1320  Blood Moon Update: Meteor Hits Moon During Eclipse; Iran, Israel Come to Blows  |
1321  Russia warns against U.S. military intervention in Venezuela  |
1322  Ebola outbreak in Eastern Congo is moving toward a major city  |
1323  Iranian commander issues fiery threat! “‘Don’t play with a lion’s tail!’  |
1324  PROPHETIC UPDATE: Super Blood Moon, Plagues and the Peace Plan  |
1325  World’s Worst Persecutors Revealed, 60,000 Christians in Concentration Camps  |
1326  Trump peace plan may divide Jerusalem, Palestinian state on 85-90% of W.Bank.  |
1327  Churches are being divided over homosexuality, Is yours next?  |
1328  From Transgender to Transformed by God  |
1329  Another Sign In The Heavens As U.S. And Israel Gear Up For Peace Plan  |
1330  Christian Bale thanks Satan for winning an award  |
1331  RUMORS OF WAR: China’s army told to urgently prepare for war in warning to US and Taiwan  |
1332  Natural or Supernatural? Plague of Blood Red Rivers Suddenly Appears in Multiple Locations  |
1333  Chinese schools make pupils wear micro-chipped uniforms to thwart truancy  |
1334  Texas Lawmaker Wants to Put The Ten Commandments Back in Public Schools  |
1335  China institutes points-based system for arresting Christians; police ordered to make arrests or be fired  |
1336  Eight-year-old pupils to be told ‘boys can have periods too’ under new sex education lessons guidelines  |
1337  Ebola spreads to major Congo city as vaccines a concern  |
1338  Trump shames UN for its stand on Jerusalem as Israel's capital  |
1339  'In God We Trust' Returning to Public Schools, Buildings in More States  |
1340  Sanhedrin Invites 70 Nations To Hanukkah Dedication Of Altar For Third Temple  |
1341  Progressive ministers say sexual chastity is 'unreasonable'  |
1343  Lets members in need take from offering baskets  |
1344  Annual Report Citing America’s ‘Most Sinful Cities’ Released  |
1345  Father Refuses to Allow 6-Year-Old Son to Dress Like a Girl – Now He's Been Charged with 'Child Abuse'  |
1346  Ebola outbreak Congo: 419 cases as deadly disease SPREADS  |
1347  Large Asteroid Packing 50 Megatons Of Force Might Come Crashing Down On Earth In 2023 — And That’s Not All  |
1348  Iran's Rouhani calls for Muslims to unite against United States  |
1350  Ebola in Congo now infecting newborn babies, UN says  |