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Nelson Emeonu

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In this interesting book, Before you say I Do, the author with total frankness discussed certain vital and outstanding points which have remained a difficult subject to many people. Now,some of these topics which had been delivered in Seminars,Conferences and Revivals are finally published to mark the greater deliverance of many souls and point the reader to the best resources to remain successful in life. In following the idea of my good friend and author, Charles .J. Clarke, I have written this guide to marriage because I cannot bear to leave it unwritten any longer. I constantly see laughing boys and radiant girls rollicking into courtship and betrothal almost entirely ignorant of where they are going; then I see some of them later with broken hearts and ruined lives. `Why didn't someone guide me?' is what each experience of that kind says to me. Then I remember that no one offered me any real guidance. No one even put into my hands a little booklet which would have revealed the outline of a safe pathway through this important period of life. But I was what the world calls lucky. There were difficulties, but I have come through them, like many others, into happy married life. I know, however, that it is cruel of responsible adults to assume that all young people will stumble through somehow. The risks are too great. So, very humbly, I offer to my young friends this work.

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