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Fresh Wine Devotional


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    Dike Chris
    Amazing thought
    Chuks Udedibia
    May His hand be upon me also in Jesus Nameooooo
    Kenneth Eze
    Thank you Jesus for this master-piece coming out fresh from this platform daily. Indeed, it is fresh wine. God bless you Sir
    Grace Philip
    A great site, loaded with fresh insight and revelation. Thank you so much
    Walter Emeh
    I'm refreshed here everyday. What an insight and revelation!. Thank you Sir
    Prince Ezeoke
    What an inspiring site! I'm happy locating this treasure. Sir, How can I get your materials?
    great thought
    Smith Brown
    Wonderful! Thank God for this revelation.
    Evang.Dr.Chukwudike A.I.
    Hi.I'm glad seeing your world web wide release of the gospel of salvation (Rom.1:16). Thank God for choosing you as an able minister of the new covenant (2Cor.3:6). May the HolySpirit,the teacher of the deep mystries of God(Jn.14:26;Is.48:17) cause through His inspiration ,a deliverance(Ps.105:7,38-45) of the hearers of your messages.May the Spirit of God search out every lost soul(Ezk.34:12-13) to establish and feed them.May the people of the world be sprinkled with clean water of the Word,so that a transformation which gives a heart of flesh from a stony heart shall put the Spirit of God in the people,and cause them to walk in His statues and laws (Ezk.3625-29,31).Let the Word of eternal life lead the world to everlasting life in Jesus Name,Amen.
    Gladys Ezeh
    What a message! I'm highly blessed as I read this. May God help me make right decisions all the time. More of this!
    Amazing. May His be more on you
    Dike Dyke
    Good of all grace keep you sir for more of this
    Nwadiogo Amobi
    contentI am highly impressed thank you Lord

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