The power of Pentecost made the early church unstoppable, unbreakable and unsinkeable. The reason is because they acquired unquenchable fire. They turned the cities upside down for the Lord. The ancient mantle passed from one generation to another. One of the instruments that walked on the pathways of this experience was the man Paul. There were no full-stop after the last chapter of the Acts of the Apostles. The implication is that the church of now will register their presence on the lists of the history of the world shakers. Indeed, exploit is by fire.

Examples where God manifested his presence by fire
1. Moses at the burning bush
2. The pillar of cloud by the day and pillar of fire by the night
3. The encounter at Mount Carmel
4. The experience at the Pentecost

A dynamic life and church cannot be stopped.

We see Paul, the servant of God who did exploit for the Lord but the enemy wanted to close his life with shame. God told him he must face Caesar in Rome to appeal a case against him. He entered into a ship with other 276 prisoners. On the voyage, they encountered different problems waves, tempest, storms, diversions, winds (Euroclydon), without food 14 days. But thank God, the presence of Paul in a ship was an asset, a plus and encouragement to the sailors and prisoners.

The Story in Chapter 27 and 28:1-10

Facts to Note
1. God has solution for every problem.
You have power over vipers (Mark 16:17-18)
2. Some kindness goes with evil intentions
3. Some people who started well ended up in shame
4. The enemy sees ahead where one is going
5. The enemy goes for the best- (a hand to paralyze)
6. Barbarians love to announce the bad news
7. The case of everyone is not the same
8. The enemy hides in a cold wood (not heated)
9. It's only a heated fire that can expose the viper
10. There are many vipers in a wood (amulets, rings, satanic materials) –
Some vipers targeted some people-Adam, Achan, Gehazi,Saul etc
11. God knows how to prove enemy wrong
(Paul's captors, Fellow prisoners, The Barbarians)

I refuse to be a history while living in the name of Jesus. Amen

The 7 Secrets behind every Vipers
1. Vipers represent every dangerous spirits
(Magicians in the house of Pharaoh, People who live nearby, who rubs shoulders with you, in the shed )

2. Vipers are poisonous creature
(They feed on scorpions with all its positions to get more added poisons to theirs)

3. Vipers have beautiful skins
(Painted hypocrites- beautiful outside, terribly wicked inwardly.
They may look innocent & friendly but poisonous).
Viper is eating some people gradually. In a matter of destiny, everyone is a suspect.

4. Vipers are terrible creatures
(The young ones that are in the belly of the mother normally eats up the body of their mothers in order to come out.
The mothers are dead at the time of the delivery
(Evil cannot be used to pay for good)

5. Vipers are extremely wicked creatures
(They have no mercy. Females are generally more wicked than the males. This is the spirit behind witches. A male viper bites with 2 holes in a persons body while a female viper leaves 4 holes in a persons body leaving serious pain. (It manifests in many ways – vipers of arrogance, pride, anger and lies- programmed into people's lives to rise up at the right time and strike them

6. Vipers are able to decide how much venom it injects.
(It can only minimize the venom for the prey it wants to keep)
7. Vipers keep eyes open to monitor a prey from a distance

(Satan never rests nor retreats. He waits patiently for his time)
Satan will not write the last chapter of my life in the name of Jesus.

FOUR SPIRITUAL VIPERS (that may aim to strike your hands)
1. Vipers of Discouragement
2. Vipers of Fear
3. Vipers of Premature death
4. Vipers of failure

What are the power over Vipers?
1. Life on fire
2. Constant prayer altar
3. Be on the watch & alert
4. Sensitive to the Holy Spirit
5. Life of holiness
6. Fight to win.

? Every viper hiding in the cold wood of my life, come out and be roasted by fire
? By the power of God. I'm unsinkable, I'm unstoppable
? I shall not end my journey in shame
? In the name of Jesus, my hands shall not be paralyzed
? I destroy every spiritual viper seeking to destroy my life & Destiny. (Mention their name) I shake up the beast.
? Oh! Lord, make me a solution to my generation
? I receive my testimony today. My story shall turn to my glory


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