You are welcome as we go on with our end time message of the trumpeter. Remember, its a moment we use, to share the undiluted word of God by speaking the mind of God- to prepare the saints for the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to warn the unbelieving world about the fast judgement of God. We also use this channel to point people to the right way, and urge them to reconcile with their maker.

In our today's message, the Spirit of The Lord will open our eyes to some of the vital issues taking place around us, as we see the day of The Lord drawing near. God will open our eyes, and to understand many things happening around us. We shall look at some of them in the light of the revealed word of God.

Let us pray.

In the name of Jesus Christ- Amen.
God Almighty, we thank you for your word. It is the way and direction for life. Speak to us in the living echo of your voice now. Impart wisdom and understanding. Reach my listeners by this truth and sanctify them, for your word is truth. Use me as an instrument of blessing to them and may I minister as you want me to. As I decrease, may you increase. You alone will receive the glory. This we pray through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

The topic of our tonight message is "HERE IS WISDOM" PART 2

Revelation 13 verses 11 to 18

In our previous episode on the part 1 of this message, I told us many things from the place we read. Time will fail us, if we repeat them. So, if you wish to get the part 1 of this message, let us know.

I think, we discovered some mysteries surrounding the much heard number of the beast. I said, as you study how the mark of the beast may look like; also apply your heart, to know how the number of the beast may be. I told us the original meaning of this number and how some satanic agencies, are bearing this number as a signal and warning of things to come. Many of them are working in the underground, waiting for full manifestation after the rapture of the Church. This is now the next agenda in as much as Divine prophetic calendar is concerned. Many things are being put in place for the emergence of one world government, which shall be controlled by the man, Antichrist- that is, one in the place of Christ or opposing him. You should know that after the rapture, the world will be in a state of turmoil, disaster and torment. By that time, people shall be forced to take the mark or the number of the beast, in order to identify and support the satanic regime. The solidarity will help the people to partake in one world economy- that is to buy or sell or do any transaction. When one fails, he will be martyred or tortured till death. But let me say this, once one takes this mark or the satanic number, it is a settlement for damnation in hell forever. So, you are warned through this medium.

I remember, I mentioned many things in our previous edition- things like numbers attached to some world products, a vacant seat no 666, reserved in the office of the EU for the world Dictator- the man antichrist when he comes. Every member of the meeting sits on his allotted seat number, out of the 785 seats allocated for each member. Only one is vacant, boldly written, but waiting for the world superman to occupy when he comes. I think, he is around the corner now. Just watch out! But my prayer is, may you not see or meet him when he begins to operate. I may say something about him, sometime to come.

Now, as we go on to know the mind of God for the interpretation of this wisdom, you should know my friend, that some of the world rulers symbols may be watched. What am I saying? When you look at the European Union chosen symbol, what you will see, is the confirmation of the word of God written in Revelation chapter 17 verse 3

Revelation chapter 17 verse 3

So, when the EU chose their symbol, you see a woman riding upon a beast. For some of you who have travelled to these places, you will confirm what we are saying tonight. The statue is located outside the EU office in Brussels, Belgium. As I'm talking now, I'm imaging this image. Beloved, the word of God is true. Was it a coincidence for these world leaders showing their symbol from the word of God- I mean, a woman riding upon a beast? Remember, that it has names of blasphemy and also with seven heads and ten horns. You should know that Rome is the city of seven hills, as there should be a Revived Roman Empire in these last days. Horn talks about nations or different kingdoms with authority or dominion. Time will fail me to talk more on this.

It is no longer news, that the world rulers hate military regime and will fight it to the last. Almost all the general populace go for one form of government which is democracy- I know, you know it and that is government of the people, by the people and for the people. Almost all the entire nations are embracing it. I love it too. It is a government where everyone has the right to say his mind, though as you say your mind, is it followed? Anyway, that's another thing, but let me say here, my friend “democracy will elect the anti- Christ. Are you hearing me? Democracy will elect the antiChrist. The reason mainly is that no man or military will challenge or oppose the superman when he comes. So, democracy which you and I love so much is making way for the antichrist and to elect him.

Remember, our message again, "here is wisdom" -not knowledge. I told you what wisdom is. Better open your eyes now. Don't think, things should go on forever like this- something is about to happen, any moment from now.

By the way, do you know, how we get democracy, as the form of government? Democracy began in Genesis chapter 11, during the time of human government- That is God allowing man to rule himself. The bible recorded that men began to build a tower that should have reached the heaven. The people said, lets build a tower and to make a name for ourselves. You remember the man, Nimrod, a great hunter and a great designer of the ancient city of Babylon. When men made the attempt, God saw their imagination, and decided to come down. He scattered their language and there were confusion everywhere- hence, the name- Babel. As men wanted to make a name for themselves in Genesis chapter 11, in chapter 12, the following chapter, God singled out a man, Abraham- and said, “I want to make you a name" Beloved, its better for God to make you, than you making yourself. Are you hearing me? Allow God to make you in life. You won't regret it.

This encounter will happen again. In this era of democracy, nations shall be scattered after the rapture. Afterall, History repeats itself. Do you know that the world, through the EU is building the same tower today? When you look at the centenary stamp of the European Union, what is there as their logo? You will see a picture of a tower looking exactly like the destroyed ancient Tower of Babel. Even the European posters promote all the languages of Europe working on a modern Tower of Babel. You should know now that the European currency called THE EURO is from the book of Revelation chapter 17 verses 3, where I read before. When you look at the money, you will see a picture of a woman riding upon a beast, highly decorated. Why woman? A woman is always a symbol of nations- So nations controlled by a beast. Everything is climaxing together and working very fast now. I told us sometime ago, that all geographical and continental zones are now having their monetary policies and transactions. Afterall, we are in the world for business. Very soon, ECOWAS will have their own money- possibly the ECO. The money that will be used by all West African Zones of the African continent. I think, I heard something about it sometime ago in one of our media channels. You see, When all these monetary values are merged together from different continents, it will now help in the formation of the one global single currency. Beloved, lets be ready? Christ is coming. Again, Anti-Christ will follow immediately, to take over the entire earth and to torment.

When you see the modern EU office now, compare it with the structure of the old Tower of Babel, and you will find no difference. Indeed, the world looks wiser than the children of the kingdom. You know that, with the signs of their hands today, the world rulers identify with the beast. If you are a parent hearing my voice now, just monitor some of the signs your child is making or some of his computer games. You may marvel with what you may see. Some of these things are put in place to usher in the real one. So, people have begun to identify and practice these things now. There is no time to waste.

Here lies wisdom.

Some people are taking satanic marks unknowingly today. Beloved, the owner of the mark or the sign you make must come for it when the time comes. Really, many people are worshipping the beast already. Do you know that this number is hidden in some world monuments today? It is also visible in some world buildings, like the one that was shown in the media, written boldly 666 in all the ceilings of the 41 story office building at No 666, Fifth Avenue in New York. It is open for all to see. No wonder, Benjamin Franklin made a statement, I quote "We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid" end of quote. Did you hear him, you and I were born ignorant but one must work hard to remain stupid" I don't know if he is true or not? Are you stupid to see the handwriting everywhere now? May God grant you His Spirit of Wisdom and Discernment in Jesus Name!

Please check your new bible translations now. Satanisms have their bibles too. Some translations are counterfeit. In music, the signs are everywhere, even in the contemporary musics ruled by the spirit called Bephomet. Where you are now or what you do matters a lot. I remembered a particular Rock and Roll band which produced their album in 1999 and called it 666. Even, some Christian music industries and musicians are being suspected today. You see an anointed Christian music by a good Christian Brother or sister today packed inside a cupboard, unsold and marketed but you see un-anointed songs by fake players and entertainers making waves in the world market. One said, "Unless you belong, you will not sell" I don't know. You must belong to excel. Beloved, this is where we are now.

Don't you know that this wisdom lies in some of our world technologies? Even in our so called apples and iPod's. The first apple 1 made its debut in 1976. What was the price? Its first price was 666 dollars, 66 cents. Was it a coincidence? Well, I don't know. Now, why did Apple computer developer, Late Steve Jobs choose an apple with a bite for the company's logo? Just watch your apple iPad. I have mine. Just look at it. Did you see the logo? I know you did. You will see an apple half- chewed. What was the meaning? I think it was from Genesis chapter 3 when our first parents, Adam and Eve were presented an apple by Satan, the Lucifer. They fell, and was banished from the presence of the Lord and lost the golden opportunity in the beautiful garden. Man became a victim in his own environment. No wonder, calamity and punishment followed. So it was an apple- not finished. So, it is an offer for the entire universe. A pleasant opportunity once again. The world will finish up what our parents failed to finish. Just eat up the fruit, I think the fruit of knowledge and wisdom of the world. People should go on and finish it up. Beloved, with much knowledge today, are we not been deceived day after day? God is getting sidelined gradually now. The world is finishing the fruits abandoned by our first parents. What a disaster!

We now have different opinions about this number. All I know is that the government now knows you by a number.

I think here, you should know there is penalty for those who will take this number. Look at what the word of God said in Revelation 14: 9-11

Revelation chapter 14:9-11

Again, Revelation chapter 19 verse no 20

Friend, one day, one night or day, very soon, millions around the globe will suddenly disappear. And as much as you would like to disbelieve and ignore it. It will happen!

I don't think I should go further.

I just want to tell you that Jesus is coming back again. The stage is ready now. The beast is coming and the sick world is welcoming him.

In as much as we pursue our careers and do our businesses, always do all things in righteousness. God wants you to prosper and to occupy till he comes. I also desire for your good welfare but if you are still a sinner, thinking you are going to stay here forever, then think again.

You life is a waste without Jesus Christ. I'm not talking about going to Church, which is good. I'm talking about relationship with your maker. Do you know Jesus? Are you ready for his coming?

The hour is very late. Friend, the time of great tribulation will be beyond anything imaginable. This may be your last warning.

I want to help you tonight reconcile with him, if you have not done so.

I will give you an opportunity now to surrender your life to Jesus Christ. If you are ready, he is ready to accept you now. I mean, now.

You can follow me in this simple but mighty prayer and believe it with your heart. For with your mouth, you confess that Jesus Christ is The Lord and with your heart, you believe.

Now, say after me.

"Lord Jesus, I come to you today by faith. I'm a sinner and I can't save myself. I have heard your word and discovered that I need your mercy and forgiveness. Come into my life and be my Lord and personal savior.Forgive me all my sins. I reject self and the world, and hereby promise to worship you sincerely. Thank you Lord for saving me today. Amen

I now pray for you

Lord, I pray for my listener who had prayed this prayer now. Please accept him into your kingdom. Forgive all iniquities and transgressions and give him or her new life to live for you. Thank You Lord for we pray in Jesus Name. Amen

My friend, thank you for the new life you have received in Christ Jesus today. Congratulation, and begin to study the word of God on daily basis and ask for deeper revelation and insight from His Spirit. If you want a place to begin, You may start with the gospel of John, and also fellowship with other believers in Christ for your growth.


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