Putin threatens nuclear war in Ukraine but Kyiv residents asked to wear masks as Covid cases surge

Authorities in the Ukrainian capital have asked residents to resume wearing face masks due to a surge in Covid cases and a health system battered by the Russian invasion. In the past week, 2,515 coronavirus cases were registered in Kyiv, 242 people were hospitalized and 22 people died, the city hall said.

Residents should wear a mask in “public transport, in places that serves clients, and in educational facilities”, it said. Between 19 and 25 September, there were 44,137 new registered cases in Ukraine, 6,667 people were hospitalized, and 161 people died, the health ministry said.

Last Monday, Deputy Health Minister Igor Kuzin spoke of an “increase” in Covid cases and said the healthcare system was “suffering losses every day” because of the war. “Since the beginning of the invasion, 18 facilities welcoming Covid patients were destroyed, another 15 were partially destroyed, and more than 100 are under forced occupation,” Mr. Kuzin said. Mr. Kuzin also said Covid curbs could be hard to implement as the country was “focusing on another enemy.”

Still, Kuzin acknowledged that the new masking suggestions would be hard to implement because most Ukrainians were “focusing on another enemy.” Kyiv isn’t alone in bringing back the masking craze. Across American college campuses, schools are reimplementing the mandates due to the latest wave of cases as well. In Massachusetts, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and Hampshire College each announced new indoor masking mandates, according to Fox News.

“I am sorry to say that because of the relatively high confirmed COVID-19 case counts on campus (approximately 50 per week since the start of the semester), we will need to continue our indoor mask mandate until further notice,” Mt. Holyoke President Beverly Daniel Tatum said in late September.

While I am eager to move us from a mask mandate to a ‘masks welcome and encouraged’ policy in all campus indoor spaces, it is clear that the current levels of infection have taxed our campus health care system and residential services to the limit,” she added.

Without getting into the science of it, it is safe to say that the zeal for mask mandates, or even face-covering suggestions, is steadfastly more of a leftist phenomenon, which in turn has made it a globalist phenomenon.