Conspiracy Theorists and Anti-Vaxxers warn new Covid vaccine could be harbinger of dictatorship.

A new COVID-19 vaccination is finally on the horizon and anti-vaxxers are warning that it could be a harbinger of a dictatorship. According to a report that was released today by MSN News, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer released an early analysis that has suggested its COVID-19 vaccine was 90 percent effective.

The announcement, while no guarantee of a vaccine, spawned a ray of hope for many Americans and even caused the DOW to surge over 900 points in Wallstreet today. However, not everyone was excited about the announcement. One group, which has drawn support from the anti-lockdown movement and other conspiratorial scenes—is already voicing its opposition to a coronavirus vaccine.

According to MSN, Hours, after the announcement was made regarding the vaccine, conspiracy social media channels lit up with claims that the COVID-19 vaccine would come with deadly side effects despite Pfizer indicating its candidate had produced no serious safety issues, thus far.

Other conspiracy sites also clam the vaccine was actually a secret microchip and that Microsoft founder Bill Gates was going to use the microchips for nefarious purposes such as mind-control, or depopulation. Meanwhile, others who oppose the vaccine state that it clearly violates their personal freedoms. MSN states:

“If these claims sound familiar, it’s because they’ve flooded the internet since COVID-19 swept the planet early this year. The anti-vaccination movement was already loud and troubling before the pandemic, with the World Health Organization naming “vaccine hesitancy” as a top-10 threat to global health in 2019. But COVID, and its associated mask mandates and lockdowns, has turbocharged a new conspiratorial attitude that embraces anti-vaxx. The closer a COVID-19 vaccine gets, the more bellicose those attitudes become