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The Trumpeter is a non-profit organization which reveals the amazing facts of the end-time events as being foretold in the Word. It is an eye-opener for all. It is impacting, educating and a blessing. It covers some global daily happenings. It is also a channel of hope in a changing world.

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A “Digital Dictatorship” is coming – The power to monitor & control ALL transactions
Hosea 6:4
Governments and financial institutions are increasingly warming to the idea of introducing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) – central banks’ digital tokens, pegged to a country’s fiat money, and controlled and backed by the authorities in ways they never could with other money they issue. Unlike cryptocurrencies, which are private, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) will be issued and controlled by the central banks themselves. In many ways, it’s the same as banknotes, but it’s likely that every single transaction will be monitored for compliance. On Friday 14th October, the IMF streamed a live video on YouTube called “Central Bank Digital Currencies for Financial....

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